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The Grownup Noise, an indie rock/folk/pop band from Boston, MA. perform at the Elbo Room on Mon. August 9th as part of their national tour (7/31-8/27) and EP release.”

After finishing its new EP “Shall We?”, which was performed on and mixed by “studio whiz” Scott Solter (Spoon, Okkervil River, St. Vincent, John Vanderslice), The Grownup Noise is bravely embarking on its 5th national tour - the band members’ first time out on the road since their last tour’s worth of harrowing travel experiences including multiple breakdowns, grease hunting adventures and a full-on APB police hunt. Long before the current Gulf disaster brought renewable fuel to the forefront of touring concerns, The Grownup Noise traveled around the country in a diesel van converted to run on recycled vegetable oil. Their van "Lorain" allowed them to play shows all around the nation while minimizing their use of petroleum...and, as a side "bonus," always left the band smelling like french fries.

Touring in a veggie van isn’t always an easy way to make music while saving the earth, however, as was discovered one fateful day last year after a show near Seattle, when the band became unexpected experts, of a sort, in handling oil spill disasters. Lorain was a bit old and cranky, and the band had already experimented with several jury-rigging and rewiring tricks to keep her operational, but they were still totally shocked when Lorain’s veggie oil tank sprung a leak. Well, one thing led to another and a long story evolved including an angry Taco Bell manager, a hunt for the band by the local police, the nicest welder ever, and a clean up by the band that was a thousand times more successful than the current Gulf one (considering veggie oil is biodegradable, and its only lasting impact was a small new stain on a Taco Bell parking). Eventually, everyone (including the police) were left happy and relieved, as Lorain was able to get back on the road to Santa Cruz just in time for the band’s next show.

Unfortunately Lorain, the veggie van, didn’t make it through the winter, and this year finds the band focusing more on "reducing" rather than "recycling" in regards to their tour, which is affectionately being called "The Mom and Pop Tour" (as the mom and pop of the band are hitting the road without the kids). Thus, the band is performing as a smaller, leaner trio with all members switching off on various instruments, creating a welcomed challenge and revolving live experience. The band even went out and bought smaller amps, doing anything they could to reduce their size. And no full sized van with a trailer here... Just a mini-van that would make any suburban mom proud, and a continued effort to tour around the country with minimal environmental impact and, fingers crossed, no oil spills.

The Grownup Noise has recently gained attention opening for bands: Thao with the Get Down Stay Down (Kill Rockstars), and Rock Plaza Central (Yep Roc), two bands they've also been compared to. Their music has also garnered them repeated critical praise, including a write up in The Onion from last summer’s tour, and a musical appearance in MTV's the Real World Brooklyn. The band’s experimentation with song form and style (from stomp-along gypsy rock to sober ballads), creative arrangements, and performances (playing drums and bass at the same time!) yield dynamic, yet tasteful results.

“Boston’s The Grownup Noise is easy like Sunday morning—lazy, warm, and full of the best intentions. The quartet blends sleepy melodies with guitarist-vocalist Paul Hansen’s intelligent croon... The Grownup Noise’s best asset, however is the songwriting, with lines of love and the changing seasons coming out as gently and colorful as the music itself."
-The Onion, AV Club

If you need any more information, would like to set up an interview, need a high-resolution .jpeg photo, a CD, a music download, or have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Grownup Noise Summer Tour 2010

Date City Venue

July 31st Boston, Ma. Lizard Lounge
August 3rd Montpelier, Vt. Langdon St. Cafe
August 8th Dayton, Ohio South Park Tavern
August 9th Chicago, Illinois Elbo Room
August 11th Minneapolis, MN Acadia Café
August 13th Denver, CO Walnut Room
August 15h Albuquerque, NM Atomic Cantina
August 16th Tucson, AZ Skybar
August 17th Los Angeles, CA Room 5
August 19th San Diego Winston’s
August 20th San Fran, CA Kimo’s Penthouse
August 21st Sacramento, CA The Naked Lounge
August 25th Portland, OR Ella St. Social Club
August 26th Seattle, WA Comet Tavern
August 27th Spokane, WA TBD

The Grownup Noise Press Quotes:

“The Grownup Noise is a playfully poppy indie rock quartet with armfuls of groove. Their basic rock instrumentation—drums, guitar and bass—is laced with melodic vocals and stirring cello.”- The Valley Advocate, Northampton/ Western Ma.

"The Grownup Noise combines smart lyrics with keen vocals, and its songs are doses of melodic sunshine."
-Portland Press Herald

"Loaded with hooks upon hooks upon still more hooks, this Beantown quartet delivers eclectic but impossibly catchy pop nuggets laced with poetic, thought-pro-voking lyricism." -Seven Days Paper, Burlington, VT.

"One listen will very likely win you over. They make arresting music."
-Ryan's Smashing Life

The Grownup Noise Bio:

Since 2005, The Grownup Noise has been celebrated for its playful and poignant brand of indie pop. Tasteful use of dynamics, varying instruments, and unusual covers, are just part of the Grownup Noise's ever-evolving live production. All this, under a blanket of creative grooves and catchy melodies.

After numerous sold-out shows at various Boston landmarks including the Middle East and TT the Bears, the band has sparked a buzz and a loyal growing fan-base, which has extended well beyond Boston. The band already has four national tours under their belt, including shows at Boston's- The Paradise, Philly's- World Café Live, Nashville's- The Basement, and L.A.'s- Spaceland. They have opened/ performed with a diverse roster of artists including Thao w/ the get down stay down, Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, Comedian Patton Oswalt, and Rock Plaza Central.

This year also saw their music being used for the season climax of MTV's The Real World: Brooklyn. The future holds a lot for these boys and girl as they close to finishing their second full-length album, which is being performed on and mixed by 'studio whiz' Scott Solter (Spoon, St. Vincent Okkervil River).
So what does it all sound like?... From the Beatles vision of song structure to the Velvet Underground's blind intensity. With a true love for song, The Grownup Noise delivers melody and lyrics while combining melodic bass lines with dangerous, yet merciful drum arrangements. And though musicianship is abundant, it never strays into the vein, but remains poignant to the song. Poetic, down to earth lyrics complete this original sound. The result: pop music, hold the cheese.

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