Local Music Scene Fav's- Part One!

The local music scene is full of kind hearted people. The support each and every fan, band member, bar tender and booker give a local band really is what makes New Hampshire one of the best places to be playing in a band. We contacted a few of our musicians friends and asked the a couple questions about the local scene and why they love it! We are going to give you their responses over the next few days. We hope you enjoy reading this first edition. look for more questions and more people coming soon in part two!!!

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Who is Your Favorite Local Band


Steve McBrian-

Upright Bass in the Crunchy Western Boys:

There are other bands besides us? Huh. ;-))
We're pretty busy, and I'm really, really lame. (Really lame. Ask the other guys in the band!) If I don't have a gig, I stay home. There are some good bands floating around out there...or more accurately, I've met some really cool folks who play in other bands out there...as I rarely see anyone play live aside from us! Wow. I suck.
Ok, the ones that I cross paths with most that I've seen a bit; Bow Thayer and all his bands, the Don Kilo funk massacree, BRASBE, Capt Chet, Jatoba, Van Burens, those Tan Vampire guys seem to be doing something right...and there is a bunch more out there. Look, they all have something to offer...find the one that rocks you and keep seein' shows!


Mike Eaton-

Blue Sky Recording Studio:

Ron Noyes Band


Mark Trottier-

Bass player for Capt Chet, drummer for various projects(Boogie 3, Tapedeck, etc..), founder of Go Local Music

I wouldn't say I have a favorite local band. I started Go Local because I love so many different types of music and a bunch of that was happening in my town that people weren't necessarily embracing due to lack of promotion and genuine community support. I basically started it to inspire people to do more and it seems to have worked a little. I feel that every artist has their merits and potential and I try to find that in everyone, so it would be very difficult for me to nail down one particular band as my favorite.


Travis MacEachern -

Bass player for Boogie On Alice

What a hard question this is to answer. I am, of course, tempted to say Boogie On Alice (being 1/4 of it and all). Besides us being so awesome I absolutely love Capt Chet, Kitchen, and Blue Light Rain (for my inner deadhead). This is such a small list of the many acts that I have come to love and form strong friendships with.


Rob Kleiner-

Guitarist for Capt Chet

I love every band I go see. When people play live music, there is always something good in what they play. Right now though, I am digging on The Ghost Dinner Band, Crunchy Western Boys: and Boogie On Alice. Although, The guys in Boogie smell pretty bad and need to shower more often and.... they also need to stop texting me at 9am asking if they can wear plaid after labor day.

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