Crunchy Western Boys- Review

Have you seen the Crunchy Western Boys? No?!?!?!? If you haven't, you suck! No, not really, you don't suck. Actually, wait yeah.. you do suck. If you have not taken the time to go out and see this band, then you must suck. Do you not want to suck anymore? Go catch the Crunchy Western Boys at one of their numerous upcoming shows.

Morris Manning, Jim McHugh, Jacob Stern, and Steve McBrian make up the band. Each one a master of his instrument. Except for Steve(upright bass). Steve is a crazy man, stuck inside a bassists body, who is looking for a chance to make an escape with every well sung harmony and slapped bass note. Jacob plays the Fiddle? Violin? Viola? I don't know. I am sure it matters to him but not to me, all I care about is the fact that it sounds F(*&ing amazing. Jim on a mandolin and Morris on guitar round out the Crunchy sound.

To classify The Crunchy Western Boys as country, bluegrass or western would be wrong. To classify The Crunchy Western Boys as Rock, Folk, or Dubstep would be wrong. It is not that this band of Boys defy classification, it is just, their music is fun. Fun. F-U-N. That is all that matters. Fun. It is what music is all about.

If you want to stop sucking and have some fun, Find out more about the Crunchy Western Boys:!/pages/Crunchy-Western-Boys/55262753797

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