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Forehead Yes I am, of course I am. If you don’t know what I’m saying, you have not seen Forehead. If you feel like you are out of the loop of some joke, you are. Go see them. Now. Why are you still reading? GO SEE THIS BAND. What the heck!?!?! I’m telling you to get up, walk away from your computer and go see this band. Ok, it seems my pleas will not work for now, so lets talk more about Forehead.

It is January and I am in Manchester NH. The band takes the stage. They look like a bunch of people that on off weekends spend their time with their kids. Not your typical rock group of ruffians, but polite mannered adults.

They are a cover band. This will make some of you go “Yeah” and others go “Yeah.” The difference of the two “yeah’s” is not noticeable in the written form. Let me clarify; that the first “yeah” is said with eyes rolled and head shook back and forth disapprovingly. The second “yeah” is said with joy, jumping and pant wetting. I normally shake my head, but tonight… tonight, I am wet.

I do not like cover bands. I hate cover bands. This cannot be said enough…. cover bands, I wish death for you. I am wishing it at you right now; can you feel it? I would rather have a skipping CD played at a bar then listen to some guy who would have got cut in round one of American Idol. GRRR, I hate cover bands.

Forehead is not your typical cover band. They are actually extremely entertaining. I enjoyed every second of their set. I actually danced. Yep, I got up and shook my moneymaker. Good for you Forehead, you got me dancing. This is quite an amazing task that you have completed. Great show. Amazing show.

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