Bands Worst Shows- Gigs suck sometimes.

Happy Hollows @ Crash Mansion (Los Angeles, CA 12-14-2007)
Bands worst Shows- Gigs suck sometimes.

Band: Ivy League Brawlers
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

We played a gig supporting a band that we were good friends with at a small hall that put on shows every so often. The show itself was fine, good turnout, people had fun. The trouble started after the gig had finished and we went to get paid.

The deal was that the bands would get $X as well as a cut of the bar sales. We finish playing and go find the manager to get the money from him. He's disappeared. The other band playing who had set up the show told us they would get ahold of the manager and get our money. The girls who told us the manager had left said something vague along the lines of "How about instead of $X and a cut of the bar sales we just give you guys all the bar money?" which seemed fine as there had been a lot of people buying drinks that night.

The next day we hear from our friends that the manager has said that the venue didn't really make that much money, how about we all go down there for a free meal and drinks?
We were young and naive at this time so we said sure why not. The place has a good restaurant and free food is always nice.

We get to the place and we all obviously order the most expensive meals as we're eating for free, right? Well by the time the end of the meal comes we're told by the staff: "Oh we never said you get a free meal, we said you get a free drink." of course that's not what they said when we first got there and asked them if we were for sure getting free meals.

So in the end we play the show, don't get paid, get promised a free meal and end up paying for it.

That's our worst gig ever.

band: Wish to reamin unknown

We were playing a showcase gig put on by a big local magazine for a club that was trying to make it in a town where clubs that host original music, shut down every three months.

Unfortunately none of the other bands drew anyone. We worked hard and spent a lot of money doing flyers all the time and it showed since we had brought the majority of those in attendance. The show was running very late due to how it was managed. Not enough time given to bands to set up/breakdown between sets. Most of our loyal group of fans and friends had driven almost an hour for the show and were spending their time at the club, at the bar. We fortunately had a drinking crowd. That's important leeway with getting some gigs.

We're supposed to have gone on by 11:30pm and it's now after 12:30am when a magazine rep asks us if we'd switch places with the last band of the night, because he explained that we it would help the bar if we could make our people wait even longer so they could make more money off of them. We thought that was kinda shitty to ask since they were the only reason the bar had made any money at all that night.

We kindly refused, explaining a lot of these folks have jobs and thought they'd be home by 1:30, not 4 in the morning. We knew they had spent plenty at the bar already.

A week or so later, the magazine comes out with this big spread about the great local show, with pics and interviews for each band. Guess which band is missing completely? The writer makes sure to note in the pic for the band they wanted us to switch with, "Thanks for the great set guys and the professionalism. You know how it is with some bands."

Now go out there and suck that sick.

Band: Goodnite Swim
location: Charlotte, NC

We were playing at one of usual places, a sports bar, one night when a guy stumbles in from the street. He was short, like 5'2'', and white and clearly intoxicated and possibly on some kind of drugs. He walked in and walked straight up to me, the bass player, and starts yelling at me. I can't hear him because we are in the middle of a song. I yell at him to hold on til we finish the song but he keeps yelling something at me that I can't make out. Finally we finish and he gets right in my face and calls me a racist. Then he stumbles over and calls my drummer a racist. So a short ass guy is calling me and my drummer, racist. (should note, we are not racist) We then called security over, which I think were just two huge guys that were regulars at the bar, and they took him outside because he wouldn't leave willingly. He kept struggling against everybody and they eventually had to knock his ass out.

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