Boston Busking Experience #1 - street performing

Busking In BostonTuesday, I take the 9am train into Boston. I wear a slick brown coat and a leopard print fedora. I have my guitar.

I exit on to Park Street.

It’s cold and windy. The black homeless woman who wears a garbage bag suit and blanket is there. She’s ALWAYS there. Every day of the week she chants, “I need foodmoney today! I need foodmoney Today!”

I keep my distance from her, because she’s definitely not mentally stable. I begin to play some chords to test the atmosphere. I’ve done this a hundred times before so I’m not nervous, but the act of Starting is always awkward.

I start to jam out some spanish sounding dance vibe and begin to bounce. I continue for about 5 hours. The garbage bag homeless lady comes over to me and I say to her, “You clearly need money more than me, so how about I give you some of the money I get today?” She laughs and mumbles something about “Now I’m gonna put you on trial!”

Later in the day she came up and offered me a pile of pizza, saying that “Everyone needs to eat.” I declined and handed her the money I made since I told her I would. She thanked me and went back to her post, ranting about foodmoney.

She came back and forced me to take a bag of french fries and clam strips. I didn’t know what to do. Some men who had been watching me laughed and I looked at them and mouthed, “What. The. Fuck?!”

That’s what happened on Tuesday, March 1 2011 9am-1:30pm.

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