3 Guitar Amps You Should Check Out

Amp name and model:

Fender Dual Showman red Knob head

1976 Fender Amps & Speakers

Still in production: no

watts: 100

Tube or solid state: Tube

combo or head/cab: head

Styles good for: anything, it's super versatile

Description: super f*cking loud, also has a 25 watt setting. on the 100 watt setting, it overpowers everything at 3 (and isn't driven enough at 3). Sounds fantastic clean (similar to a Fender Twin) but if you drive it, it's not that far off from a JCM800 or similar, except it's got the sparkly highs that those amps don't have and doesn't break all the time. I love it's sounds, versatility, reliability and volume. its only drawback is how f*cking heavy it is, it weighs a ton.

Amp name and model:

Orange Tiny Terror

Orange Tiny Terror

Still in production: yes

Price: $400-$500 new

Watts: 15/7

Tube or solid state: Tube (2xEL84, 2x12AX7)

Combo or head/cab: Head, although a combo is available.

Styles good for: Rock, especially if you have a bad back because this thing is light.

Description: I got sick of lugging my Marshall up and down stairs and got this instead. It's darker than most amps I've played, and probably not the optimal thing for the soul-influenced garage punk I've been playing, but I like it a lot. For a while I thought it was completely lacking in brightness but having my guitar correctly set up helped immensely. It's kind of a one trick pony, in that you dial in one sound you like and leave it there, but I like that one sound. It's been plenty loud enough for club-sized gigs.

Amp name and model:

Fender Blues Junior

fender blues junior

Still in production: yes

Price: New $525 and $450-$350 used

watts: 15

Tube or solid state: Tube

combo or head/cab: combo

Styles good for: Rock, blues, jazz

Description: This is a very common beginner tube amp for the reasons that a) it is a quite solid beginner tube amp for a low price b) has reverb as well as master AND volume/gain control

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