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I am sucker for alt country. I think I am in love with Greg's music. I don't think you can get any better then songs about drinking, lost love and drinking. AH, the drinking.. and guns. No seriously... Drinking and Alt country makes me happy... or an alcoholic, either way, this music made by Greg Loftus makes me happy... and drink.

I don't want to say it... Cash. Johny Cash. I said it. I didn't want to. Not because I don't like Mr. Cash(I own about 10 of his records, three copies of live at Folsom) but because Alt country is not only a stupid name, but every alt country act is compared to Wilco and Cash... I didn't want to do it too... but I've been listening to Greg Loftus... and drinking... lots of Drinking... and I just had to make the comparison.

Hey Greg, go get me another round of your music.

If Greg Loftus wanted to make me the happiest person in the world, He would send me an autographed copy of his CD. And 12 bucks.... the 12 bucks has nothing to do with this review or his music, but I owe a buddy some money. Greg seems like a great guy, I bet he'll send me that CD... and money... don't forget the money.

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