How to kick out a bandmate

You want to know how to kick someone out of your band? An e-mail like this is NOT the way to do it. we recently received this e-mail from one of our readers who was kicked out of his band. Both the band and the member being kicked out agreed we could share this with you as long as we didn't say the band's name.

How to break up the band

Hey Dan;
I don't want to carry this out any more then it has but I also did not want to ignore your e-mail. Sorry that it comes to this but it is what happens when flexibility is an issue. We have decided that we can no longer have your stinky butt playing in our band. We just might make it to the big time and we feel that you are bringing us down.

You will not work on your playing. I've told you repeatedly your issues that need correcting and you have refused to work on them. I understand you wish to play with our band but I have explained to you your issues and how it impact others I.E. trampling of cables, arranging of the practices, bad breath, hitting on my girlfriend, counting to four, drinking the last beer, poop breaks and Time.

Besides these issues; You don't return e-mails, texts or Facebook messages. Setting up practices is a pain. We don't know what time we can start, you change the start time by an hour all the time, you have to end early a lot at the last minute, and days and times are very sporadic. This would all be fine except we really need to get our stuff together if we want to play the battle of the bands in March. That is only 4 months away. You refuse to dress like the rest of us. We have decided that we should all wear tee shirts with funny sayings on them but you will not go buy one.

Also, your wife comes first for you; fine, I don't care if you have other priorities. But we have planned a practice and we need to constantly change times because of her. That impacts us. Same goes for the show that you needed to cancel on to take her to the doctors. Again, I don't fault you for enjoying your wife more then the band but when your choice to hang out with her impacts me negatively... that is not ok.

To sum up. You suck. We don't want you in the band. You can't play. Take a shower. and most importantly; give up music.

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