Best local Band 2010- Part Three

Who is the BEST local band!!!! This is part Three of our best local bands. If you have not read the first two parts, go do that now! Best local bands- part oneor Best local bands- part two. We've gone out in the local music scene and asked a number of people to list for us their three favorite bands and tell us why.

Benny Grotto

Benny is a recording engineer at Mad Oak Studios
Click here to read an interview with Benny Grotto

Mellow Bravo - Van Halen on steroids, with ballads that are actually, like, good. Real good, in fact. Kick ass party rock, with a serious side. Plus, they've got the best front man in town.

Cropduster - can Dave Unger do wrong?!? Brilliant songwriting, clever and catchy lyrics, and a concept album to end all concept albums. The perfect foil to the high energy extravaganza of the Mellow Bravo rock experience; can somebody please book a show with all three of the bands in this list?

Viva Viva - killer live show, amazing songwriting, uncanny musicianship. A great happy medium to the two aforementioned. These guys are the absolute best Boston has to offer.

Dave Kimball

producer Silly Gillman
Organ Beats - I love the Organ Beats they are incredible. They bring the power of a 3 piece to new levels. Catchy songs amazing vocals and they are all around awesome people

Mellow Bravo - They set the standard for live performance in Boston. Keith has a great stage presence. The musical talent of this band is bar none.

Pistol Shot Gypsy - Rippin' Rock and Roll - Ron Travis's vocals can hang with the best of them. A great band to watch when your out in the club. They are my pick for break through band for 2011

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