Best local Band 2010- Part Two

Who is the BEST local band!!!! This is part TWO of our best local bands. If you have not read the first part, go do that now! Best local bands- part one We've gone out in the local music scene and asked a number of people to list for us their three favorite bands and tell us why.

We will be releasing more "suggested bands" a few at a time over the next few days! Here is our first batch!

This edition features the selections from Edrie, Kier Byrnes, and Sean Murray.


- Edrie is one of the broken toys- Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys Edrie one of the broken toys- Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys

There are so many local fav's I have, it's hard to choose but I picked three who put out new music within the last few months.

Jaggery -

Mali Sastri of Jaggery could sing me to sleep every night and I'd never get tired of it. Her voice is so dynamic and beautiful; I've never heard anyone come close to being as amazing. On top of that, the rest of the Jaggery crew are expert musicians and all around awesome people; their new album "Upon a Penumbra" is on repeat on my iPod constantly.

Trabants -

Talk about a dance rock explosion - these cats channel everything that I LOVE about dusty 60's surf music. Everyone should join me at the Rosebud on 1/28 when they release their new CD. We'll dance our faces off!

Box Five -

"Leave The Earth Behind" is virtuosic album full of music that at once, makes your toe tap and puts colours into your brain. Appropriate since the composer Mary Bichner (and I say composer as she is no mere songwriter) uses her unique ability to see music as color, to craft catchy songs that worm into your brain.

Sean Murray

Sean is in The Brooklyns and formerly Jake and the Jakes

The Brooklyns - is it perhaps because I am in this band? it because we are really good and write tremendous music? MOST DEFINITELY - is it because we are releasing our sophomore effort this year...ABSOLUTELY

The Rationales - I have known these guys for a while now...been to their shows...know their music and their powerful yet subtle intangible effects that it has on me...GO SEE THEM AND BUY THEIR DISCS

The Neighborhoods

The Darlings - spot on perfect vocals - great musicians and FUN TO WATCH AND PLAY WITH!!

Kier Byrnes

Kier is in the band 'Three Day Threshold' Kier Byrnes Three Day Threshold

The Brown Note Ensemble:
The brown note, for those who don't know, is a mythical note with such a low frequency it resonates with one's bowels causing automatic dispersal of its contents. A very messy frequency indeed. The members of The Brown Note Ensemble, not surprisingly, are an orchestra of the area's top bassists and low end specialists. Led by the Johnny Duo, Ransom and Stump respectively, this band is sure to be turning pants brown all over the city soon.

The Whiskey Boys
If there was a more aptly name for a band, I'd like to see it. These two lads, David Delaney and Mark Kilianski, are the most talented S.O.B.'s this side of Kentucky, branding their fiddle and guitar like they were straight out of Georgian swampland. Their song list is robust with traditional Americana folk tunes, Irish reels and of copious amount of drinking tunes guaranteed to get the party started. Hop up on a hickory stump, fill up your flask and check these guys out.

Summer Villains
Like an air traffic controller is an vital part of an airport, the Summer Villains may be the most important band in the local music scene today. It's not just that they skillfully weave various styles of music from honky-tonk foot stompers, country ballads and Beatlesesque hook laden pop into their repertoire as if they were flight paths carefully planned through the night sky. Nor is it their gigantic commercial success, recently getting airplay on several national spots; even appearing live on a major network channel. Neither is it that the lead singer, Joe Pleiman was recently heralded by The Boston Globe as a "Local Rock Luminary." No, it's just that the Summer Villains write really good songs with memorable hooks.

Stay tuned! More 'best local bands' to come in the next few days!

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