Brandon Slavinski - review

Are you going to go dancing this weekend? Having a ton of people over for a party? Having relations with someone while heavily drunk? Cleaning the house? Disposing of a dead body? Alphabetizing your CD collection by the producers middle name? Awesome. The album "King of Broken Hearts" by artist Brandon Slavinski would be perfect for any of those activities.

At first listen you might breeze past the fact there is some pretty serious musicianship occurring in these tracks and only see it as "disco" or "techno" or "danceable." However, it is obvious that Slavinski is a talented player. the lyrics might be a little on the cheesey side but really... They fit perfectly with the happy upbeat nature of the music. If you like pop-well sung-dance tunes, check out this album. If you like stealing cookies from little children, well, you need professional help.

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