The Wrong Airport - Review

The Wrong Airport are an indie duo from Pittsburg , PA. Indie? Really? Did just we just use the word indie to describe a band. Crap. Let's just move on from that; please forgive us. The Wrong Airport have just realsed their newest album "Arrivals & Departures."

Emotional vocals mixed with digitized beats, and fuzzed out guitar; Oh and beatboxing, did I mention beatboxing? If you like the early Flaming Lips, you will like The Wrong Airport. The songs are very well written and I enjoy them all. I only wish some of the arrangements were mixed slightly more even. Lots of harmonies, bordering on out of tune but in that fantastic way, almost like Robert Smith from the Cure but with less eye liner and sulkiness.

With each song they build from basics to complexity. A stand out for me is the song "Strange How." Great beat, great vox. You can Can hear for yourself at You can also purchase a digital copy for "name your price." Pretty #@^%ing cool if you ask me.

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