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A few days ago we ran a less then flattering review of the band "Seven Years Past." Go read that review if you have not already Today we received a response letter from the band. With the band's permission we have published the entirety of their response below. We feel it is our duty to give you both sides of the coin. We would also like to mention we are happy they have put the review on the wall of their practice space.

Text from "Seven Years Past" below


When reading this review, we couldn't help but be reminded of Billy Madison's principal. By the time we scrolled to the end of the page, we half expected to read, "I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Make no mistake about it...we are not reinventing the wheel. We don't consider it our birthright to change the world, write "important" music or pay homage to some style of music created before we were ever out of diapers as so many peers do...God Bless 'em. We do not pretend that we'll ever be indie-scene darlings either. We are a rock band. We play loud rock music, and our lead singer (who happens to be female) actually sings. She doesn't prance around the stage chirping out lyrics like some pop tart, or try to be an "artist" ie make ridiculous noises/yodels/screams/moans. She just belts out the songs and commands the attention of the audience based on her talent...not her antics. We've all performed in other bands of many different styles. We've all toured, all worked with multiplatinum producers, etc. This isn't our first rodeo.

This review comes on the heels of us winning our local entertainment rag's annual Readers Poll awards in a clean sweep, almost 2-1 in voting. We were invited to play the magazine's party that coincided with the release of the "Best of issue" with a few of our fellow local bands who were naturally a bit "surprised" (read - horrified) that the rock band won. But a funny thing happened at the event...while they basically performed in front of their fellow indie bands on the bill, we had a nice big crowd of fans for our set. This was fortunate as most of the other bands' members (whom we had all spoken to, been kind to, given props for their sets) dissipated as we performed. We played for our fans...and that's really why we do what we do. There were exceptions and we have a lot of love for many of our local peers. However as was said so famously in "Cool Hand Luke"..."Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it... well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men."

We love our fanbase. And if we may say so, they love us. What we like about rock fans is they tend to all have pretty varied tastes in music to go along with their love of power chords and drop D tunings. Our fans tend to be respectful to other bands, regardless of genre. They listen, pay attention and keep their minds and ears open. Sure they might not like this or that. But they don't write off a band ahead of time because it doesn't fit their limited view of what music "should" sound like.

We thank this site for the review, which shall be displayed proudly in our rehearsal space. And we invite the readers of this site to check out our band at Some of you just might like us...those of you without souls at least.

Thank you,
-Seven Years Past-

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