D.U.I. by Beantown Boozehounds

The Beantown Boozehounds formed in January 2007 with one goal in mind, to bring people together for great times they'll never forget. Anytime the Beantown Boozehounds are around, there's going to be a party. Their songs are straight up drinkin' class anthems. The choruses are infectious; you'll find yourself singing along the first you hear them, throwing your arm around whoever is standing next to you. That's the kind of vibe these guys naturally emanate, on stage and off. They are seasoned
veterans of the Boston punk rock scene and their songs are testaments to a life of partying, living for today, and the madness of life on the road. No one member stands above the other. They play as a tight-nit family, all for one and one for all.

Beantown Boozehounds are one of the most determined and hard working bands in Boston, and in a short time have already played all over the east coast and have made small ventures out west, sharing the stage with bands like The Welch Boys, Darkbuster, Bloodshot Hooligans, Born To Lose, Angel City Outcasts, Flatfoot 56, Far From Finished, Haggis (Norway), Second Chance (Norway) and many, many more. These guys are in it for the long haul, so polish up your drinkin' shoes and ready your liver, it's time to drink the whiskey down, and pass the bottle 'round.

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