The Dream Station- Review

The Dream Station
EP Review- This is Not the Desert
New York

The Dream Station are an alternative band from Brooklyn NYC. They have just released a three song EP called "This is Not the Desert." The album contains three songs and all the songs sound superb. It is really polished rock. It is much as the band name states, a dream. Don't listen to these guys expecting a proto punk band; The Dream Station are Mom friendly. They use clean guitar and bass tones backed with slightly gained rhythm. This clean attack is matched by the powerful lead vocal. Everything is amazing. If these guys were a type of soup, they would be homemade chicken noodle; not canned generic store brand tomato.

The only thing that really bugs me, besides lost socks, are that all The Dream Station songs repeat the verses. I wish they would write more amazing lyrics for the 2nd half of their songs to match the first half.

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