ZERO tolerance

If it didn't take a signed order to start implementing this policy, why is a signed order necessary to stop implementing it?

And if there was an order to start implementing this policy, it should be disclosed so that everyone can see firsthand that this was a policy decision made by the Trump administration.

As more information has come out, it's now clear that the Trump administration is not reversing its recent policy change. That policy change was to enact "zero tolerance" and prosecute every border-crosser, even those seeking asylum.

Trump will continue with the zero-tolerance prosecutions. The change he is making is that instead of detaining children separately, Trump will now indefinitely detain families together. This change is in flagrant violation of the Flores settlement, that says children cannot be detained for more than 20 days.

When courts block Trump's illegal executive order, he will then have someone to blame for detaining children. And he and the rest of the GOP will use that as leverage to try to pass the limits on legal immigration that they've been trying to pass for years.

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