The Rationales

The Rationales
The Going and The Gone

When I do reviews, I NEVER talk about the production quality, I never talk about the recording method, and I never talk about mixing. I feel it is unfair to judge local acts on recording gear and say, "hey this doesn't sound pro" Well of course not you fool; the band isn't pro. They most likely recorded their tracks in a bathroom, with a Fisher Price mic, and that mic was plugged into a 1980's cassette deck... one of the really cheap cassette decks, the ones that only had a fast forward and no rewind. So, as a rule, I NEVER talk about recording quality. Well, this review is the exception that proves the rule.

Band: SOAK
Album: Turning Tomorrow

Although almost every other detail regarding his personal history and political dealings is fraught with speculation and controversy, it is by now generally accepted common knowledge that, at some point in the later months of 2009, Captain Chet Lawson emerged from the seclusion of his stately home in the Indiana swamplands and once again became the center of a media storm, the likes of which he’d not enjoyed since his widely documented salad days in the 1920’s and 30’s.

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