WellfleetWellfleet is a five piece band from the seacoast of New Hampshire. A five piece? I know what you are thinking; I thought they were a two piece, much like the bathing suit I wear on the seacoast beaches. NOOO- They were once a two member band but now they have five. Five guys. Like the burgers, but with less heart attack inducing options.
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Trade- New Local Band

Trade is a new band from Concord NH. They are sort of a funk, Soul, rhythm and blues band. The group has probably one of best bass and drum combinations in NH. Chris Noyes of “Dusty Gray” fame plays the bass and George Laliotis of “Cool Ass Mo Fo” bangs things. They each hold down the groove, giving the horns and vocals a chance to shine on. Laliotis also takes on the singing duties. His duties are massive. Mostly because he eats a lot of fiber, but also because the songs Trade tackle put his vocals to the test. He passes the test and gets 5 points extra credit for playing disc golf. The horns are sultry and smooth. They bring a level of class to the band that is missing from a lot of acts around town. If you didn't catch them at Market Days, or Camp N Jam make sure you do- Go out- see Trade- be blown away.


Want to make something of your music and your band? Realize this first, "Nobody gives a shit about your band". Then go buy the book, "Nobody Gives a Shit About Your Band"; the book is cheap, maybe $25 online. Then go read indieonthemove.com and see what they say. When you can't read another article, go read musicthinktank.com and when your eyes are bleeding, realize again, "Nobody gives a shit about your band" and then get to work making them give a shit.

Introduction: A lot of people make awesome albums, but only a small percent of those awesome songs gain any momentum, and that can be very discouraging for new bands and musicians. With these tips, hopefully you can get the first push needed to turn your hobby into a career!

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Jake McKelvie & the Countertops- what can I say about this band that hasn’t already been said about the Ford Pinto. They are on fire. We wanted to know more about the band that is releasing an EP in the next month, so we went to our local kitchen supply factory, bought 12 spatula’s and got another spatula for a penny. We also saw Jake, looking at... you guessed it… sinks. We grabbed him, smashed his head on the underside of a counter and asked him some questions.

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Jen Whitmore- review

Jen Whitmore is a solo acoustic musician from Manchester NH. We have been seeing her name all around town so we listened to her latest EP ‘Rattled’. Her voice is miraculous, being vociferously marvelous and meticulous voiced. Sometimes Aretha can hear her coming covered in Diana while Ani punching you in the throat. Her musical islands of vocal prowess are surrounded by guitar infested waters that make you not wanting to leave the comfort of her songs. Strictly guitar and vocals here while you may hear a few additions to the background. An exceptional album by a fantastic artist. Check out Jen Whitmore; do it now.


Jasmine Mann is an amazingly talented musician. She hails from the place in NH that is south of Bow, north of Manchester and is how a person catches a fish- Hooks it. (I stole this joke from my buddy Matt R). We wanted to get to know Jasmine a little better so we tracked her down and followed her for a few weeks, watched her sleep and paid bail. We then asked her our famous 5 questions. Here is what she had to say.

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I get asked about mastering all the time by artists who want to record their own album. People with DIY studios want to do it all and they know mastering is one of those steps. There are basically four step to finishing a song; Writing, performing, Recording, mixing and mastering. All of these phases are a different mix of Creative vs Technical and they go from more Creative to more Technical as you move along.

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Pleasure Gap-Review

Pleasure Gap has a new album, Scatter, available for purchase and streaming on their Bandcamp page. The songs are like drifting down the river in a pair of awkwardly modified cut offs. Stutterly falling down the waterway as a chorus of angry men berate your mind with lyrics, lines, knives and melodies from the dark places that devils hide. Seemingly disjointed without a road-map to get you home but somehow you arrive with a great story to share.

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