I Hate Eric Reingold

We all have a favorite bass player. I won't tell you who mine is because even if you'd heard of them, which you haven't, you couldn't even begin to understand them. I like my favorite bassit because they're great. However, you like your favorite bassist because the hot girl at the record store likes them. You like them because that cool friend of yours with the black-framed glasses and the emotionally damaged girl on his arm. Who knows, maybe you’re pathetic enough to like them because the goddamned public likes them. I hate Eric Reingold.

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People Skills are on tour!!!! we thought you might like to see what they have been up to(in reverse order). Check out the band in pictures and then go see them live on tour. Below are their upcoming dates. We especially want to thank the very talented jrockready for all the pictures. You can find him on instagram. @jrockready. quite a talented fellow who is following this talented band on their cross country tour. Send them and him some love!


Aug 27 Belcourt Taps Nashville, TN

Aug 29 The Purple Fiddle Thomas, WV

Aug 31 Gypsy Sally's Washington, DC

Sep 01 Emilio's Richmond, VA

Sep 02 The Way Station Brooklyn, NY

Sep 03 The Press Room Portsmouth, NH
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Wedding Camp is a very new new new punk rock band from New Hampshire. Songs are short and simplistic and lo-fi. Is that a bad thing? No, no no its not, makes it great. No solos, a chunk punk guitar with punk drumming. This is a new band. You can hear the newness in the tracks but what you also hear is potential. I would love to hear this band live in 6 months. They have potential to take music, mash it in a pulp, spoon into your brain and slap you mad with happiness and senseless with sound. I think the energy of the punk would hit you in the teeth and make you beg for more.

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Badfellows has their new album available! You can listen below. It is slightly different than their previously recordings but still has Badfellows dripping out the speakers. Another great release from the Manchester based band.

This is what the band had to say about the release-

‘Personal Beehive’ is officially out now. This album means a lot to us and we owe our eternal thanks to Alex Bourne, Granite Tapes, Jaclyn O’Connell, and everyone who supports us. We love you all. Head to https://granitetapes.bandcamp.com/album/personal-beehive to download the album (and buy a real snazzy tape!) We hope that maybe this album can make you feel some sorta way about something, or someone. <3

My daughter is 3 years old. There are a few things I realized a few things about what she will perceive about music and what is my standard of reference. It makes me feel old but also give me a sense of wonderment as time and perceptions march on.

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Everyone dreams of quitting their day job becoming a professional musician. However, not everyone can reach this dream. Others don’t realize that the dream is attainable and it is something you can actual reach. We are going to run down a few simple steps on what you need to do to quit your job and work full time at music. Before considering the jump- you need to decide how much money you need to make in order to survive. Some people need $700 a month for rent, some need $1500 and others live in a tent. You just need to figure out what you need a month to survive. For our examples we will base the needs on a $30,000 annual salary. If you need six figures, perhaps a pro musician lifestyle is not for you. This salary of 30,000 is roughly 15 bucks an hour. To reach that goal you need to pull in 600 bucks a week with music:

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We Need Your Help

We want your hard earned 5 bucks. Yourband.info has been writing articles, doing interviews, and providing reviews of the local music scene for 7 years. In that time we have written over 1000 articles about local bands. We receive between 1000 and 10,000 visitors A DAY. We are the first to bring your attention to new and upcoming local bands. We also do continued coverage of those great local bands that keep going strong. There are not a lot of avenues for local bands to receive press in the state. We provide an important service to the music community that helps make a vibrant music collective.

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The Grebes from Concord NH have a new EP, Darkdays // Winternights, that will be dropping very soon. Look for it to be released digitally in the next few days and then hard copies in a few weeks. If you like Belle and Sebastian, if you like Mumford and Sons before they sucked, if you like Violent Femmes, if you like The 123’s, if you like My First Morning Coffee Break(ok I made up that band)… then you will love this new EP put forth by The Grebes. It is an excellent collection of four well defined tunes.

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