Andy Laliotis to play with Boogie

Andy Laliotis of Lamont Smooth, Kitchen, Blue Light Rain, and Diamond Joe will be joining Boogie on Alice on stage for their show at Toad Hall in Franklin on October 10th 2015. This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please do yourself a favor and write that date down. This show is going to be epic. Epic, Yes E-pic. That is one better than a D pic.

more on the show Click Here:

The Grebes- Review

The Grebes- review

The Grebes are a folk, Americana, cow punk, alt country band from Concord NH. You may not have heard of them yet but you will be hearing about them… like right now. I am telling you right now. You have heard of them. Go listen to this band. With the Rippin’ e Brakes done for, Captain Chet on break and Dusty Grey outta town, there is a hole in the Concord country/folk/Americana department that The Grebes are going to fill and over flow.

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The Mallett Brothers Band- 5 Questions Interview

The Mallett Brothers Band is an alt country band from Portland Maine. If you don’t know what alt country is, think Johnny Cash on speed(wait, he WAS on speed… might be a bad example) They have spent the last 6 years recording and touring the country gaining fans wherever they go. Their sound is a little more rock than country. Let us pretend you took two brothers, plopped them in Nashville for their childhood and then moved them to Maine. The Mallett Brothers Band would sound exactly like what you might imagine from that type of exposure. There is good reason for that too.. because… that is exactly what happened to the brothers as kids. You might also assume they sound like the Avett Brothers, or Doobie Brothers, or The Allman Brothers, or Hanson or The Everly Brothers and… you know what? You would be wrong- like really wrong. Dead wrong. Do you really think just cause bands brothers it automatically means they are gonna sound like the Mallett Brothers band? Wow. Anyway… moving on

We sat down with one of the brothers, Luke Mallett, and asked him our famous five questions. Here is what he had to say.
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Cole Robbie Band is doing a show with Boogie On Alice at Toad Hall in Franklin. It's a cool place and could be a cool venue in the future if we support it now. The Boogie and Cole Robbie show is October 10th 2015. Toad Hall is 4 stories of art n sculpture and the bottom floor is a live music venue. Great sound system ran well and they are doing a lot on a limited budget. With Cole Robbie pulling a good crew from the north and Boogie On Alice bringing up from the Concord area, there is going to be a great big ol party on our hands October 10th.
Click here for the entire story on Toad Hall and the show

Click here to hear the show!!!

This radio Podcast featuring lots of local bands. We talk about music and play some local tunes. If you would like to be on the podcast, post on our forum or email us yourbandinfo at gmail dot com.

This show features

Carissa Johnson
Pleasure Gap
Great White Tourist
Jake McKelvie & The Countertops

Click here to hear the show!!!

Click here to hear the show!!!

Click here to hear the show!!!

Dead Elect- Review

Dead Elect

A band from Maine. From Maine some noise. Envelope filled heart shapes. Painting brains with sound. Piano sparsely planted around. A dream of hope. Four words for them. Fantastically fanatical for fantasies.

Jamantics Reunion Show Date, Time and Place Announced!

From the mouths of the band:

We are thrilled to announce that we are reuniting for a one time performance at the Capitol Center for the Arts in our hometown of Concord, NH on Saturday October 24, 2015 at 8pm! Tickets are $15 and go on sale Friday August 21, 2015 at 11am. Opening Act TBA.

We are very excited and look forward to seeing old friends and new friends alike! We hope you'll join us for an evening of funky jams, tasty licks and high energy!


The thick gauze of sweaty summer nights. The sounds of clumsy first loves. Creating interwoven songs harkening back to the days of the Beach Boys and the Zombies. This is Something//Something. This is a band worth your time.

Written by Evan Benoit of Badfellows

Carissa Johnson

A giant middle finger to the pop punk 3 chord redo of the 70’s NYC scene. Carissa Johnson is more punk than Iggy, more pop than Green day, more harmony than Blink 182, more guts than the Clash and longer songs than the Ramones. Each song dives into a spiral of twisting counterpoint and fanatical changes that leaves the listener wondering where they will be taken next. So long to the simple and hello to the complex. You will be musically challenged.

You can catch Carissa Johnson at Pit Road Lounge in Concord NH August 21st 2015.

Pleasure Gap

Their new album came out in July of this year called “Cream Wave”. It is a collection of splendiferous noise and rock that will have you dancing in your arm chair. They are playing with Badfellows at the The Shaskeen on Augst 20th, 2015. I think I will go because both of those bands are terrific lo-fi sound mixed with a blender of sass and love. This makes five sentences.
By Anonymous Manchester Musician

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