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January 13th at Area 23 in Concord NH, come and help support in making our local music community improved. Meet other musicians and fans of music, in a night that will truly bring us all together and reduce intolerance. We are gathering to support being more generous in facilitating each other as equal parts of this community. We have a number of fantastic artists who will be performing:

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MB Padfield needs your help fixing a small error. All it takes on your part is to follow her on follower her on Spotify. Help her out, her music is great too! So not only do you get to help a local artist but you get good tunes for your ears. See what she said about the help below.

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A new album from Brent Cobb, “Shine On Rainy Day” is being released October 7th through Low Country Sound/Elektra. Local favorite Dusty Gray helped write on of the tunes. Listen to the track below...here is what Dusty had to say about it:

Very proud and honored to have a song on this record, this is my first major label cut, here's to more to come.
Brent Cobb " shine on Rainy day" thanks buddy!!
Check out " let the rain come down"

Green Bastard has their debut LP, ‘Pyre’ due out November 16 on Midnight Werewolf records on cassette and download.This band is from Dover and sent us an advanced copy to take a look at... or listen to, not look at. It might only be 3 songs but it clocks in at an hour in length.

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Who thinks the local music scene is dead. Certainly not us. Could we use some coming together and community involvement? Certainly it could. That is exactly what is happening on Elm Street in Manchester. Luke Troy, you might know him from the band Badfellows, along with some of his good friends are working on opening a second hand store in Manchester that will host all ages music shows.

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How To Program Drums

mapex drums 17The biggest key to realistic drum programming is understanding the basics of drumming. Start with learning some basics:

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Plymouth Spotlight Season 2 - Episode 03

Table ScrapsA few years back, Concord was the new hot spot for local music talent. There was a community, there was love, there was selflessness, there was help… it was awesome. Has this all changed? Has it died? Has it gone the way of the dodo bird and fled for warmer waters? Maybe. Can it be saved? I think so. Will it take work? It will. Can you do it? You can. We can. We must.

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I used to hate my voice. I would mix it as low as I could without the words getting completely lost, and put as much delay or reverb on it as I could stand. At some point I found myself pushing my voice up in the mix, leaving it dry or using minimal effects, and feeling a lot more comfortable with the way I sounded. Then I would listen to some of the things I recorded and think, "Why didn't I do another take there? That's pitchy. That sounds like crap. That's embarrassing." And on it went.

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Here is what we were doing in local music 1, 3 and 6 years ago!

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