Words of Wisdom For Musicians From Musicians- Part one

Words of Wisdom For Musicians From Musicians-

Part one

You are a musician? Here are a few words of wisdom from other musicians. Listen to these statements or ignore them; we don’t care. But… ignore them to your own detriment. Look for part two coming shortly!

• A Spice Girls cover band just doesn't work if you're 35 years old. And male. And there's only one of you.

• If you're the drummer, yet you find yourself tuning guitars for your band mates, you're probably not in a good band.

• You should not be spending more time working on your band’s facebook status updates than actually practicing your songs.

• Ironic covers are not fun for anyone, especially your audience.

• If you have to ask someone if they want your autograph- they don’t want it.

• Don't clean your ears with drumsticks... EVER

• It's your hands and ears that make you good, not your gear.

• Everyone helps carry everything and purposely moving slowly makes you a Dick. I’m looking at you drummers. Let's not pretend that adjusting that cymbal 1/4 of an inch makes a difference. Get your shit ready and help out.

• Almost nobody likes drum solos or bass solos.

Click here for part two
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