5 Reasons Why Go-Local Music Founder Mark Trottier is Stupid

5 Reasons Why Go-Local Music Founder Mark Trottier is Stupid

Last week we featured an article about local music promoter, musician, and all around nice guy, Lucas Gallo. This week we take aim at ‘Go Local Music’ founder, president, and CEO... Mark Trottier. If you are a part of the local music scene in New Hampshire, you have seen Mark at shows, putting on shows, playing shows, hitting on farm animals and setting up sound for shows. His organization, Go Local Music, puts on a few local festivals a year. These festivals feature some of the best local bands from around Concord. This past year they most famously held Camp and Jam four and Camp Captain Crunchy. Each event had tons of bands, camping and beer. This year Go Local Music is putting on Camp and Jam V!!!(The V stands for awesome in case you fail Roman numerals). This year’s Camp and Jam features twice the bands, three times the days and I would assume lots more beer.

Go Local Music also provided the sound and lights at many events around Concord like Market Days, half time at roller derby’s and even helps out with a couple events on the state house lawn. Now you might think that Mark keeps himself busy with Go Local and only Go Local but he does other crap too. He plays bass in the band Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue. He also plays drums for Ghost Dinner Band. He at one time played drums for Tapedeck and Six South State. You may also have seen him filling in on drums with Boogie On Alice. This man is truly all over the place and if you are in a band; I bet he has been in contact with you at least once about something… But know what? He’s stupid… so stupid. Below are the ‘Top Five Reasons Why Mark Trottier is Stupid.’( we had more reason but we felt five was enough)

1. Since he is in so many bands, he forgets what band he is playing in sometimes. He will show up at the wrong show with the wrong bass drum cover art. He also doesn’t know the names of over half the songs he plays on. In fact, I am sure he doesn’t even know half the names of his bandmates.

2. Have you seen his car? No seriously, have you seen this POS? I’m sure you have seen him around town in it, or seen it parked outside Penuche’s before one of his shows. It is a Mini. Yeah, you know, one of those “European Sport Cars.” Ask him about it! I am sure he will spend hours telling you about how big it actually is and how the lights change colors. If you really hate yourself, ask him to go in detail about the upgrades he’s done.

3. He never gets drunk. I don’t trust a man who knows how to control his liquor intake.

4. Disc Golf…. Enough said.

5. He has eleven toes. Seriously, what kind of freak is this guy? Ever notice he doesn’t wear sandals… this is why. It is not even like it is an extra little toe or something normal; he has two big toes on his left foot. GROSS! I just vomited a little in my mouth.

Next time you see Mark Trottier out and about, make sure to thank him. Thank him for bringing a sense of community to the local music scene. Thank him for going out of his way to help new and experienced local bands. Thank him for doing sound at your bands event. Most importantly, thank him for wearing socks so you don’t have to see his freak foot.
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