10 Questions With Mark Trottier- Go Local Music- Captain Chet- Ghost Dinner Band

10 Questions With Mark Trottier- Go Local Music- Captain Chet- Ghost Dinner Band

Mark Trottier is the founder of Go Local Music. He also plays drums in Ghost Dinner Band and bass in Captain Chet. I am sure you have seen him, his stickers or those damn go local shirts all around town. They are pretty annoying. However, I do enjoy that one of the stickers got placed in the bottom of the Penuche’s men’s urinal for me to pee on. We hate Mark; with a passion. Despite this raging hatred for him, his Mini Cooper and his stupid ugly hat- we decided to sit down and ask him some questions. I mean, he does do a lot for the local music scene and was doing it WAY before anyone else was doing anything for local music (he is damn old). So we owe it to him to fight back the urge to vomit in our own mouth while we ask him our 10 questions. (Ed note: We have since learned that Mark lost his ugly hat at Redhook in Portsmouth- so that ugly thing on top of his head is actually his hair, not a hat... also- Mark... thanks for all you do)

1. What local band are you most excited about right now?

Mark Trottier:

I tend to be drawn to real effort, regardless of genre or skill. You can tell when an artist is giving it in order to give a performance and that is what I like. We’re performers; we should be giving a show, not just playing our instruments in front of people. That being said; we have tons of fantastic musicians in our scene and I’d say all of the bands that have worked with us in the past and present are my current favorite local bands. I truly love them all and that is reflected by who we book at all our events. As of this very moment I am really digging on Them In The Hive. They recently shared a stage with us for Halloween Howl and I was blown away. You’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon.

2. What makes you think you are so special?

Mark Trottier:

I’m not special. I have issues….

3. Why did you start Go- Local Music?

Mark Trottier:

I founded Go Local with Joe Nelson to raise awareness of the multitude of amazing talented musicians in our region and show people what was already here. We aren’t doing anything that special. We are just leading people to what was virtually ignored by our community for so long. Being an independent musician is hard, there’s no boss to correct problems, no accounting dept to keep finances in order, no marketing dept, none of the things that help a business succeed. It’s all upon the musician to make this happen. We help those musicians with as much as we can via networking, promotion and production. In a nutshell, we wanted to bring our community together and grow it. A vast majority of local musicians have embraced what we do and we have a strong core of staff and volunteers that help on a number of things, from staging, production, booking, sound and lights, recording, promotion, graphic design, festivals and many other avenues of service we offer.

4. If you had to pick to play only one, what one would you pick- Drums- Bass – naked person?

Mark Trottier:

I love all these a whole bunch, but I’d say drums. It’s what I am formerly trained in and feel most comfortable playing. Although my bandmates may have differing opinions.

5. What are you looking at right now?

Mark Trottier:

Umphrey’s McGee show footage from last week at Riverside Theater. “Push The Booth Deeper” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osHRFBrjgtg&feature=share&list=UU6cl-exv_...

6. What one thing do you think is most responsible for local bands failing?

Mark Trottier:

Under promotion and over-saturation of the market. Pretty self explanatory.

7. If a band wants to work with Go-Local- what is the best way to get your attention? What is the best way to annoy you?

Mark Trottier:

The best way to get our attention is in person, we frequent as many shows as we can. We have people that represent for us as well that are out and about in the scene. Get involved with the scene, find us at a show, and talk to us. That’s the best way. There’s always the classic send us an EPK and we’ll get in touch with you as well, but for direct results, talk to one of us in person. The best way to annoy us is not accepting the beer we just bought you.

8. How did you get such a hottie wife when you are so darn ugly to look at and you smell?

Mark Trottier:

I’m just as baffled by this, but I’m not complaining…. No one has been a more supportive element in my life than her.

9. Can you give a word of advice for local bands looking to be more successful- one word- just one. If you go over one word I will punch you in the mouth...

Mark Trottier:

There is no one word, but I have to say that you only get what you give. Real results take time, sacrifice and putting yourself out there. Real effort is recognized and it may seem like it’s all uphill at times, but ride it out, you never know what’s about to happen. Creative endeavors are finicky in that way. Being an independent is just that, make your own way, think outside the box, the industry is in a flux and a lot of the standard old practices still apply, but you may have the right idea and start a whole new way of getting your music to the masses.

10. Please do not answer this question?

Mark Trottier:


Find out more on Go Local here: https://www.facebook.com/golocalmusic


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