The Mallett Brothers Band- 5 Questions Interview

The Mallett Brothers Band- 5 Questions Interview

The Mallett Brothers Band is an alt country band from Portland Maine. If you don’t know what alt country is, think Johnny Cash on speed(wait, he WAS on speed… might be a bad example) They have spent the last 6 years recording and touring the country gaining fans wherever they go. Their sound is a little more rock than country. Let us pretend you took two brothers, plopped them in Nashville for their childhood and then moved them to Maine. The Mallett Brothers Band would sound exactly like what you might imagine from that type of exposure. There is good reason for that too.. because… that is exactly what happened to the brothers as kids. You might also assume they sound like the Avett Brothers, or Doobie Brothers, or The Allman Brothers, or Hanson or The Everly Brothers and… you know what? You would be wrong- like really wrong. Dead wrong. Do you really think just cause bands brothers it automatically means they are gonna sound like the Mallett Brothers band? Wow. Anyway… moving on

We sat down with one of the brothers, Luke Mallett, and asked him our famous five questions. Here is what he had to say.

1.What musical instrument makes the best weapon and why?

Luke: Our own Nick Leen dubbed his Bass the "Battle-ax" at one point. Its a solid oak fender style body with a Chandler neck and it weighs as much as a bag of concrete. I also once saw a broken drum stick stick into a concert goers head (not our show) so I'll go with drum sticks.

2. If you had to bring one album with you to a desert island, what would it be?

Luke: Belefonte Sings of the Caribbean

3. What is the best band name you have ever thought up and never used?

Luke: Can't tell you, there's still time.

4. Kazoo; Instrument or party favor?

Luke: Party favor unless you're Jimi Hendrix doing "Crosstown Traffic"

5. When did you start playing music?

Luke:I started writing much earlier than I started playing music. For my brother it was the opposite. I feel like I was well into my twenties before I was really writing music, and not just words.
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