Lucas Gallo of JamAntics- 5 questions

Jamantics-lucas gallo has nice chest hairsThe JamAntics are having a reunion show at the Capitol Center For The Arts on October 24th 2015. We decided it was time to do our fantastic 5 questions with Lucas Gallo of the JamAntics. I mean, he has been to my house, I’ve had beers with him, I have seen him in swim trunks… So.. He should be willing to do an interview with me. So I met with Lucas at the agreed time. Sitting next to him, a Mr. Eric Reingold. Every question i aked, the two went silent, Eric whispered into Lucas’s ear and THEN lucas would respond. So…. Here are 5 questions, as answered by Lucas Gallo and no one else especially not his actual brother Eric Reingold whom he doesn't speak with since "that one time."

1. If you had a 99 cent bucks credit on itTunes, what song you buy.

Lucas: If I had a 99c gift card on iTunes I would use it to purchase 99 1c sound samples of Justin Bieber. Dont mistake my answer-- this is not songs by Justin Bieber, but rather sounds-- things like mm, ugh, ahh. Then I would use them as ring tones, alarm clock noises and the such.

2. Who is you favorite jamAntics band member?

Lucas: My favorite jamAntics band member is certainly Freeland Hubbard. Those cheekbones are so sharp you could cut cheese on them. Either him or Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki. Jordan was always great at pushing women toward other members of the group because of his die-hard faithfulness to his current girlfriend. He'll always be my favorite because of that. Masceo could be my favorite too, though, because he was so hug-able and always had a super soft shoulder to cry on when I needed a good sob. Then again, Eric Reingold is a fantastic kisser. hmmmm.

3. Anything special in store for your jamAntics reunion show?

Lucas: We always have special things in store for our shows. The last show we played we were going to have a stripper jump out of a cake and spray frosting on everyone, but the cake went into the oven with the stripper STILL in it. We ended up just eating the cake. Delicious. Anyway, I dont want to spoil any current surprises...but expect that same thing.

4. Getting enough sleep?

Lucas: Am I getting enough sleep?
How many times do I have to tell you in song form? Ill sleep when Im dead. And you can pry it from my cold dead fingers. Ive always wanted to say that.

5) If Jamantics and Boogie On Alice had a soap box derby race against each other, who would win and why?

Lucas: I hate to say it but I think based on looks alone boogie on Alice would win. Damn that's a fine looking band. Plus those guys are scrappy so when one of their wheels falls off they would just pick up the cart and run with it. Jamantics would be much lazier. Don't get me wrong- Jamantics is a sexy ass band. But I've seen those guys work with tools before, and it's not pretty. I guarantee whatever car we built would burst into flame, killing most of us. But the band would continue on.

*Answers brought to you mostly by Eric Reingold

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