[love for pluto] - review

[love for pluto] is an original indie pop/rock band featuring electric/acoustic guitars, keys, vocals, bass, and drums. Diverse, they draw influences from all genres of music. Their sound roots itself from indie/alt rock, new wave, & pop. Their catchy melodies will be stuck in your head all night long.

Pluto is no longer a planet but a dwarf planet. Pluto was my favorite, the music of my heart. I could leave or take Saturn. I could skip Mars and never be for worse. Mercury never did it for me. I have love for Pluto. Earth has always been displaced joy. I get hot and heavy for Venus but it turns and cools in an instant. My love is for Pluto.

[love for pluto] is like Pluto for me. I love [love for pluto]. They have me spinning and revolving in an erratic orbit. The guitars circle the vocals like a binary planetary system. The drums say they are not sharing like Charon and wish to diverge and mash with Neptune in 17 degrees of separation.

Science aside and planets smashed; [love for pluto] is extraterrestrial.

more info here: http://www.loveforpluto.com/

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