Local Musician's Rig's-part one

Local Musician's Rig's-

If you are like us, you love gear. We spend days and weeks and months looking for that perfect pedal to make your guitar tone perfect coming out of your amp. We are doing a short series posting pictures of local musician's pedal boards. We hope you enjoy it! You’ll learn a little bit about what other bands use and maybe get some ideas of your own. If you are a local musician, send us your pedal board in a picture. Click here to e-mail us


Glenn Moir-

Band:Kurva Jo/Crazy Chester
I run 100% clean with no effects but the knobs on the bass and the Ampeg head. Currently running through Hartke 2x10 and Ampeg 4x10. The excellent electronics in the preamp of the ESP bass plus the ampeg head can create a low deep tone that makes the walls vibrate.


Brooks Young's Pedal Rig :


Follow us on twitter @BrooksYoungBand
Facebook www.FaceBook.com/BrooksYoungBand

Effects: Boss Comp, Boss Tremelo, Boss tuner, Sound Blox Distortion, Vox Wah


Matt Ghelli's New Pedal Board

Band:Boogie on Alice
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BoogieOnAlice

Effects: MXR Dyna Comp, Boss Tuner, Q-tron, Tube Screamer, Boss Digital Delay, Fulltone Full Drive 2

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