Local Music News - Febuary

News In the Local Music Scene

Mark Trottier(Go Local Music, Captain Chet, Tapedeck), the bass is now also playing drums for The Ghost Dinner Band. The Ghost Dinner Band was also recently nominated for "Best in New Hampshire" from the New England Music awards. You can vote for the band here: http://nemusicawards.com/vote/

Tristan Omand’s New 12 song album “Wandering Time” is available now! You can buy it on iTunes and all the other places online. http://www.tristanomand.com/

Matt Rosenberg(Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue) recently released a digital only solo album. You can take a listen to the album for free right here- http://soundcloud.com/your-band/sets/matt-rosenberg-solo-record . The album features matt and his ukulele singing songs ranging from being a rock star to taking care of a baby to Why he hates everyone in Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue.

Matt Ghelli (Boogie On Alice, Captain Chet) recently purchased a new guitar. He figures he needs to buy the guitar so he doesn't look silly on stage with a bigsby he doesn't touch.

Granite State Music Festival is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to ask for your money to help fund their festival. They have learned from last year and this year they do have day passes. At the $150 level you get two weekend passes to the festival. Fopr more info go here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/23578084/granite-state-music-festiva...

Go Local Camp and Jam Five is happening June 28th to June 30th. It has been expanded to 3 days of music this year. More bands, more vendors, more space, and more fun! http://www.facebook.com/events/402354293190405/

Juliana Cable has tried out for America’s got Talent- We wish her the best of luck!

Steve McBrian(Crunchy Western Boys) Recently finished a particularly hard Puzzle Book of Mazes. The last one in book was a little difficult for him as there was a few unanticipated dead ends.

Ways To Fall has a new Youtube channel with a bunch of live videos, go check it out http://www.youtube.com/user/WaysToFall

Andy Laliotis (Diamond Joe, Kitchen, Lamount Smooth) is still awesome.

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