Why the Media in Concord Sucks

Why the Media in Concord Sucks

I love this town. For the past few years the music scene has grown by leaps and bounds. Every weekend you can hear and see tons of local bands and solo artists in Concord. They are all great bands too, Boogie on Alice, Diamond Joe, Rachel Vogelzang, Captain Chet Lawson, Juliana Cable, Beachwood, The Crunchy Western Boys and more and more. I could go on with 100 AMAZING bands that call Concord or a surrounding town their home (maybe I will in another article, yeah… look for article next week with a list of bands you should get out and see and why.) Anyways, off track.. back on track, there are a lot of local bands, bars and people that are really bringing the music scene to a high point in Concord NH. There is one problem. Where is the main stream media? I am looking at you Concord Monitor!

Recently Brian Coombes of Rocking Horse Recording Studio in Pittsfield, was quoted in the Concord Monitor as saying “Concord is the new music Mecca of New Hampshire.” I love this guy( and Rocking Horse). Thanks for writing an article about local music. Oh wait…. The article is actually about an out of town band, The Seth Wonkka Band. They are from Boston. So ummm, let me get this straight. You have a quote about how the local music in Concord is great, while promoting a show for a band from out of town? Well, at least True Brew, the local venue holding the show, is getting some publicity. True Brew is a new player in the local music scene and with its recent expansion has been leading the way with Penuche’s in promoting local artists. What about all the local bands playing this weekend that you didn’t mention? Could you mention them a litte? Why are you so fascinated by out of town bands? Did you know the band Tyler Road is playing True Brew the next night after Seth Wonkka? Why didn’t you mention them.. Anywhere… in your entire paper… ever. Sorry I am asking you all these questions but the local musicians want to know the answers. If we were to only read the Concord Monitor you would think there were NO local bands of interest.

I don’t mean to pick on the Seth Wonkka Band(Hi Seth, just taking time out of this article to shout out a Hi to you personally, we love that you love our town, welcome and maybe you will meet me later on at your show. Offer to buy me a beer and I’ll like your band even more), hey, they are a fine band. However, they are not any better than other bands around town. Why aren’t you interviewing them? No seriously.. I want to know why. I have not seen a single article in the Concord Monitor about any local bands this year(or last, or the year before). You did an article about Adam Ezra Group this year. Know what, they are from mass too. In fact I did some searching of the best bands in Concord and NOT A SINGLE ONE has been featured AT ALL IN the Concord Monitor. Really, come on. This is absurd. WAIT WAIT WAIT… I am wrong. There is ONE mention of some local bands, in one “article” and I use the term article loosely. Your paper gave a listing of 20 bands that were playing market days. No details about the bands.. Just the band name. Good news article boys. I commend you guys on your in-depth coverage of the music scene. By the way, out of those 20 bands… you only spelled 5 incorrectly.

Why have you not once mentioned Juliana Cable? She is seriously the most fascinating artist to come out of Concord in YEARS! She is an amazing 15 year old solo artist. She’s played a concert on the state house lawn, large music festivals and tons of other shows including True Brew. Why have you not mentioned The Ghost Dinner Band not even once? They have been nominated for best "Best in New Hampshire" from the New England Music awards. Yet, you have not even given a single shout out for one of their multiple shows in Concord. Why have you not mentioned The 123’s who’s music is revolutionary and lyrically outstanding and on par with the best of any generation. Why have you not mentioned Ron Noyes Band even once, they WON NEMA last year. I hate to even get started on Go Local Music. They are an organization that you have yet to even mention once in your pages and, unarguably, are most responsible for the major surge in music coming out of this town.

It is great that bands from Mass and other states want to come to play this town. What does that mean? It means we are doing something right here. Bringing in out of town bands will only strengthen and expand what we have happening here. The musicians from this area all support each other. The out of town bands see that and what to be a part of it. When a local band has a show in this town, you will see members from other bands coming out to see them. When a guitarist breaks a string, people will run to their car to get that guy an extra string. It is these people that have made this area the best place for music. This is an amazing community. Ask any band in town about the music scene and you will see what I am talking about.

In closing, Get in touch with a local band or two. It is sad sad sad that you haven’t. I have held off on saying anything because hey, you are a company trying to make a buck. You need to cover what people want to read so they will keep reading. So keep going. Keep not mentioning the amazing amount of great music of this town. Keep talking about out of town bands. Keep not getting my money for a subscription. Also, feel free to pick apart my grammar and how your paper is so much better than this blog because you don’t use fragment sentences and don’t use run on sentences and don’t use the word a lot, a lot and don’t use triple periods… much. However, could you PLEASE stop tossing your stupid free edition of your newspaper on my new bushes? I don’t want it, it kills the bushes and it keeps getting eaten up in my snow blower.

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