Local Bands You Should Check Out- part two!

Local Bands You Should Check Out- Part Two!

Sometimes it is hard to find new local bands to check out. Who are you gonna trust on if a band sucks or not before you pay your hard earned money on a cover charge. Well… you could trust the guys in the band that say they are awesome… or you could trust other local musicians.. I would say trust the local musician. Below we asked a ton of local rock gods to tell us who they are crushing on for local acts…. Check em out.
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Ethan Armstrong - bassist for Bedford Davis--

Check out 'School for Robots'. Now.

Matt Poirier, Concord Musician--

I've had the privilege of sharing a hand full of bills with Tristan Omand, and he is one of the most original and honest performers I have seen in a long time. He is like a 'beatnik poet' plucked out of the 60's and dropped into New Hampshire in the year 2013. His songs are timeless, they are all his, and they're all amazing! As far as solo acoustic singer/songwriters go, Tristan Omand is the real deal.


Josh Blair - Bass for Ghost Dinner --

Check out The Rippin' E Breaks. Those dudes make me wanna drink whiskey and smoke ciggy bones.


Rob Kleiner- Guitar for Captain Chet-

Everyone should listen to The Pat and The Hats. Also, Pat from Pat and The Hats should give me his guitar.


Benny Grotto - recording guy at Mad Oak Studio in Allston -

You should check out Never Got Caught because they are good.



Chris Noyes- bass for The Dusty Gray Band-

Hey man, sorry totally spaced on this. Has anyone said Will Kindler yet? You have to check out Will Kindler, he just dropped an EPICALLY AMAZING album and is starting to play out more. His voice is like Jeff Buckley meets Bob Dylan, so you probably shouldn't go see him with your girlfriend unless you want her stolen away..


Joanna Trottier- Go local Music-

If I had the opportunity to suggest one local musician and only one as it seems I am being given right now I would say you should go catch Juliana Cable. This girl doesn't even have her drivers license yet and can rock your socks off (but it's summer take your socks off anyway) you need to see her now cause this girl is gong places and wouldnt you like to say I saw her when.....


Travis - Bass for Boogie On Alice

If you are wanting to check out a musician; check me out.. I mean, seriously; look at this amazing bum I have. LOOK AT IT!!! SEE, I Told ya it was great. Oh, is that not what the question meant by 'check out'?


Little Mel of ipmNation.com

"Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra. is a melt your face off, rock 'til you drop, multi musician/singer band, that gives tribute to some of the greatest rock bands; Led Zeppelin, The Who, Queen, Beatles,and more. No kids, this is NOT just another cover band!"


Cooper Leafe - Sound tweak for Upstream Sounds & More, Ghost Dinner band and Go-Local Music.

You should check out Hug the Dog from the Monadonock region, they have vibes, sounds, and textures in their music that I can really sink into..


Kier Byrnes - Banjo for Three Day Threshold -

You should check out Somerville's "Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!" as they kick ass like none other. Surf rock to the Extreme!.


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Local bands you should checkout-
Dusty Gray Band,Boogie On Alice, The Ghost Dinner Band
The Van Burens
, The 123's, Juliana Cable, Kitchen, The Ron Noyes Band, Diamond Joe, Lucas Gallo, Crunchy Western Boys, BRASBE, Charlie Chamberlain, Run Gazelle Run, Tyler Road, Ways To Fall, Gorilla Finger Dub Band, Yankee Cockfight

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