Lauren Hurley- Market Days- 2013

Lauren Hurley- Market Days- 2013

It is not often that you can discover a truly unique style in the singer-songwriter genre. I mean, pretty much you have a guitar and a voice so there is not a lot of room to make yourself truly distinctive. Lauren Hurley has discovered how to make herself musically unique and it is brilliant. Lauren played the Homegrown Stage at Market Days 2013 and I was there… you should have been too.

Before her set I was asking around who this “Lauren Hurley” person was.. a band? A solo act? A circus performer? I had not heard of her or her music so I was excited to see a fresh face take to the stage. I am directed to a young lady sitting on the steps with a guitar, sunglasses and a notebook that looked filled with scribblings of words and passion. It is just seconds after I see her that she takes the stage. Most people might make a first impression before hearing a single note that some Jewel type crap is about to be played… , Lauren is about as far away from Jewel stupidity as someone could get. Lauren is amazing.

Powerful vocals filled the square when she started to sing. Amy Winehouse or possible Ani DiFranco comparisons could be made but I won’t. The delivery of the self penned tunes were done in a such a way that it reminded me of that Woodstock movie with sweat covered Richie Havens; sweat, love and fire all falling over the audience. Lauren has that amazing ability to scream passion and depth into her vocals without sounding like a punchy Yoko Ono. Each song she sang took you down different musical rabbit hole. Not one tune sounded like the next. Even within the fabric of a single song, detours were taken into new realms. If a song started with a romantic lush vocal, it might end with a beat boxing yodel that was a pleasure on the soul.

I can’t wait to see what Lauren has in store for us over the next year. She indicated a possible tour and more songs. Maybe we will see her opening for some of the areas bands or headlining her own nights. Whatever it is, I just hope there is more of it. Watch the videos below and get out to see this amzing talent.

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