Krysta Youngs- Review

Krysta Youngs

Almost 5 years ago we reviewed an album by Krysta Youngs. We basically said it was “All that is wrong with music today and… she should put on a sweater.” We may have been a little harsh but at the time we felt that overproduced pieces of crap pop songs had no redeeming qualities and were not worth the time it took to listen to it. In fact, in the past we have compared things like Britney Spears to getting an ear enema (although there is quite a debatable on if an ear enema would feel good or not). Anyways, like a baby, we don’t think we gave Krysta a fair shake. So we were excited when the video for her new single and EP arrived at our doorstep.

So, do we still think Krysta is contributing to the downfall of music like Nero to Rome? No. This is actually… pretty damn good. Wait, umm… Pretty damn good? What kind of statement is that? I can see Krysta now, running to update her Facebook status “ said my music was ‘pretty darn good’ Wahoo.” Yeah, that is not happening. I don’t like pop music but I really like this music put forward by Krysta Youngs. The video is really cool. Watch it below, then come back.. we will wait. See? It is pretty entertaining. Or is it? I don’t know anymore. I can’t even tell if I like this song. Actually I think I do. Maybe it is because I am obsessed with all this Miley Cyrus drama that I can’t focus on other pop. yeah... I like it... I wanta dance now.

Read what we said about Krysta almost 5 years ago-Click ere- note the Myspace link up top. Things have certainly changed.

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