Kickstarter- Do's, But Mostly Don'ts

Kickstarter- Do's, But Mostly Don'ts

captain Chet- Jen BundyIt has almost become a standard operation for local bands to use Kickstarter (or some form of Kickstarter) to fund their upcoming album or project. Some of these projects get funded and others fail. Now, Kickstarter itself is not a bad thing but it has started to be used in an inappropriate way. Because of all this misuse, I now hate seeing bands start up a Kickstarter. Why????? Because the band is basically just begging for you to give them money. This is not what Kickstarter is all about. If you want your project to succeed, make sure you are using Kickstarter correctly. Stop annoying me with all your BEGGING!

1. Give more than you get-

Lots of bands see Kickerstarter as a way to get their fans to give them money for nothing. Stop that. Don’t beg fans to give you cash; it is embarrassing. You should be giving them something MORE than they give you because they are helping you out. Signed CDs; free shows, home shows, special packaging, free EPs, Handies- GO OVERBOARD!!!! Let’s for example say you are planning on selling your CD for 5-10 bucks… don’t have a 20 buck donation be just a copy of the cd. What you are basically saying is: “Give me your money, I’ll hold on to it for a long time and give you something you could buy cheaper in the future”. Where is their motivation to help you? They are giving you money in advance and all you are offering is a plain old copy of the CD? If they are paying in advance you should at least be charging LESS then what you are planning on charging after release. Your other option is to toss in more with their donation. Hugs, drugs, or Crayon drawings done by the band…... anything!. The key is to put in things that don’t cost you money but only cost you only time and add value to the person making the donation- Get creative.

2. If you are not willing to put up the cash- why should I?

Most bands are looking for a few thousand bucks to record their project. Ok, so, for a band of 4 or 5 people the band is really looking to raise 500 for each member. If your band is playing shows, then that is really just a couple months of shows to raise the funds. If you as an individual are not willing to put forward some of the cash- why should we? I understand that not everyone is made of money. I understand it can be hard to raise the money. It is really easy to toss up a Kickstarter and beg for money- but have some dignity. DON’T BEG.

3. Make your goal realistic.

If you are in a local band that plays once a month at the same bar, and you are asking people to float you 10 grand to record your album- rethink your plans. Maybe dreaming big is not quite in your cards yet. Start off smaller. Work up to a big production album. Perhaps one of the reasons you don’t have the money or are unable to raise the money is that you are not quite ready.

4. In closing

A Kickstarter campaign is not an afterthought. It is not something you can just toss up and expect people to toss cash at your feet (get a pole and tassels for that). It is hard work to do a Kickstarter project. Don’t treat it like a simple way to get money and you’ll do fine!

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