5 Questions with Go Local Music Founder -Joanna Trottier

5 Questions with Go Local Music Founder Joanna Trottier

Everyone knows about Go Local Music but not everyone knows personal and intimate secrets about cofounder, Joanna Trottier. I figured it was high time we learned a little about this fabulous lady. Last Wednesday I snuck into her house, cleaned her dishes, rearranged her refrigerator and I left a list of five questions taped to the stove... This week... I returned and they were answered. Those answers are below!

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1.What is your favorite part about being married to the other co-founder of Go Local music; Mr Mark Trottier?

Joanna: It would be hard to pick just one favorite thing about my husband I mean he is pretty amazing. But for the sake of this interview, it would be his commitment to giving more than he can. Some may say thats a bad thing, over committing yourself, however he isnt one to let people down. He just wants to share what he has with anyone that might be interested. He is a good generous guy.(Editor note: She really meant to say “his beard”)

2. Who is your favorite band to see live?

J: Favorite Local band to see live...Obviously its Ghost Dinner Band and Captain Chet. (If I answer differently I might end up in divorce court, no not really)

3. Who is your favorite band to see at the grocery store?

J: Well I think the only band member I have run into at the grocery store was Corey Garland of Them and the Hive, so I guess they win by default, and he offered to buy my groceries when I forgot my debit card. So yeah he is my favorite.

4. Why support local music?

J: Because someone has to. For years Mark and I traveled across the country to music festivals and concerts just to see the music we love, that shits expensive! Why not create the scene in our town, then we can enjoy the music with our friends, even if it does end up costing me more than a trip across the country.

5. Roller derby, clubbing a baby seal or music… pick two.

J: They are all pretty rad, but Roller Derby and clubbing with baby seals, I mean they are just so cute, and if they could go out to the club and dance with me all the better, can you bring a seal in a club? Oh...wait, I think I misunderstood, scratch that lets go with music and Roller Derby which go better together if you ask me.


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