Jasmine Mann- 5 Questions

Jasmine Mann is an amazingly talented musician. She hails from the place in NH that is south of Bow, north of Manchester and is how a person catches a fish- Hooks it. (I stole this joke from my buddy Matt R). We wanted to get to know Jasmine a little better so we tracked her down and followed her for a few weeks, watched her sleep and paid bail. We then asked her our famous 5 questions. Here is what she had to say.

1. If you had a 99 cent credit on iTunes, what song would you buy?

Second hardest question to answer. I enjoy every genre of music, and my tastes vary by mood. But my most recent purchase was HONNE & Izzy Bizu, “Someone That Loves You”.

2. Who is your favorite local musician/band right now?

The NH scene has way too much talent to distill into one selection: Walker Smith, Jen Whitmore, Lisa Guyer, The Grebes, Scrimmy, Miketon & the Nightblinders, Meaghan Casey, Hana Khan, Tristan Omand, Amanda McCarthy. The list goes on. I’ve been fortunate to call so many amazing musicians friends.

3. What color are your socks?

I have a general distaste for socks, but I do have some with French fries and tacos on them.

4. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your music?

It’s hard to say. I grew up on lots of prog rock, but I'm from the south so folk/bluegrass was everywhere. I was heavily into Jewel in the 90’s, my mom loved Joan Baez, and I also idolized Grace Slick. I'm somewhere in there.

5. What is your 3rd favorite song to play live?

I do a very soft, sweet version of “Baby Got Back” people seem to enjoy.


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