Hunter- Review

Hunter Review

hunter stamas, new hampshire Local bandHunter is the name of the band as well as the first name of its lead singer, Hunter Stamas. The band released its first full length album this past weekend to a sold out crowd at Fody’s in Nashua NH. The band recently opened for Guster and is riding on the winds of a very successful summer.

The album is an eclectic collection of songs tossed into the cosmos and set free to rattle the inner sanity of your brain. The tunes anger and piss you off as there seems to be a very thin line between a structured album progression and pure insanity of uncertainty. It is this uncertainty, the insanity that is Hunters most redeeming attribute. The effortless jumping of styles is refreshing. While one song might remind you of a 1930’s folk rock tune, the next melody could very well be analogous to something you could procure at Paul’s Boutique.

hunter stamas, Hunter, bandWill this album change the world and free the enslaved? No. It is simply a damn fine album that you should buy, download, burn, spin and enjoy. Hell yes. The perfection must be shared. The performance must be played. You must divide your brain and segment your understanding and embrace all that is the band Hunter.

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