Your Musician Horoscope

Your Musician Horoscope


Your fingers are especially fast today, guitarist. You'll find that it communes well with your anxious groupies. Someone may have recently stepped into your life and now it's time to engage with this person on a deeper level, make them sit though you playing an open mic or free bird at home. It's wise to take things one step at a time and only play one or two notes for each guitar solo. Don't let your imagination get carried away because no one relaly likes a flange effect. It could be hard to find the line between imaginary and actual. Watch out, your drummer is sleeping with your ex-girlfriend.

Bass Player

All your hard work will pay off eventually, like in 32 years when people start caring about bass, and today you get a glimpse of the reward! The discipline you have been adhering to in terms of your physical finger routine ought to show you some positive results. But mostly it's an inner satisfaction you feel because again, no one really cares about you. Discipline helps keep you poised for inspiration that will be shotdown by your guitarist. Today you may find the wind is at your back because the drummer had beans. Don't sit down for a breather, but do enjoy the fresh gust of positive reinforcement.

Lead Vocal-

You may feel a bit like a voice out of water this month, with only sensitive bar tenders in a simular place. This will illuminate your instincts, feelings, and intuition compared to all the other musicians but will mostly just make you drink more. Keeping your emotions controlled may be the biggest challenge in late part of the month, when the soundguy and roadie move into your small studio apartment, too. The first two months you will be focused more on others, but make sure you also take good care of your voice so you can properly be there for loud shrieks when the music calls.


People keep you busy with fun this month. Your mind may motor in high gear while your attention zooms in on family, home, and what you love best, hitting stuff with sticks and not getting arrested for it. Things should calm down after the Beatles-Stones conjunction on Oct 14. With the door guy collecting an extra buck on the side, you may not feel charming, but everyone will see your charm like they see your stool crack when you don't wear a belt!

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