Guitars of the local musician- part one

Guitars of the local musician- part one

Musicians are strange creatures. They each have their way of doing things and expressing their inner soul. No place is this more expressed than in what type of guitar they play (or maybe boxer/brief). The selection of a guitar can say a lot about a person. What type of music they play, where they have been, what is special to them, how good a kisser they are and their feeling on tone and expression. The guitar can tell you everything about a musician. We contacted a large cross section of local musicians to find out what type of instrument they play. We have their responses below. This is part one- part two to come.

Seth Wonkka- (A Cold Lonesome Nowhere)

I hate gear! I'll play any guitar that stays in tune..... On the left is the guitar I've played every show with for the past 6 years. It's an Alvarez MD1000C. I paid under a grand for it as a left over through my friend/rep. It has never failed me on or off stage. On the right is my 1940-1950's Continental Soloist that I write most of my songs with. It rarely leaves the house. In the middle is an old Washburn J-3 hollow that I would play jazz and solos on for fun. It's not about the cost of your gear or the brand on it..... It's about the song, performance and people behind the music! Kids....... just get something and play the crap out of it!

Eric Reingold- (Greenlights, Blacklight Ruckus, JamAntics)

Ibanez soundgear. Like all of my instruments I found it on Craigslist for super cheap. 4 string round wound strings. The guy who sold it - his name is Eric. Turns out he's my friends doctor. The only thing special about it is when I play it people's clothes start coming off.

Andy Laliotis- (Kitchen, Lamont Smooth, Blue Light Rain, and Diamond Joe)

2007 Butterscotch American Strat. I bought it at Strings and Things. I like that I can get a bunch of different tones with it. And the Whammy bar is cool too. I use light gage D'addarios. Timmy Gray named it Isabella.

Tristan Omand

Early 80's Yamaha SJ-180.I bought it used and beat up about 5 years ago for $89 at a guitar shop, and I love the thing. It's a really well balanced acoustic with great mid-range, which is what I look for. It has had a lot of mods done to it over the years to bring out the brightness and to have more attack when plugged in. I use Martin Lifespan SP 12's

Matt Ghelli- (Boogie On Alice)

I play a 2010 Godin Icon 3 with three hand-wound Lollar P-90s. The Godin has a chambered mahogany body & a revoicer switch which changes the pickups from passive to active. It's modded with a graphite bridge, Gibson tuning tailpiece & custom kill switch. I use D'Addario .10s and Dunlop .73mm picks.

Will Kindler

2004 Japanese Bigsby Telecaster (Quinn). I bought it with the money I earned as a gardener during my junior year in high school, '04, after seeing it at a shop in MA while I was skipping school. Guitar was stolen in 2009 but was recovered by accident in 2012. I have recorded almost every electric part of every record on it. I almost literally cannot play on anything else, I'm so used to it. Never goes out of tune. D'Addario .11-.52

Brenden Harisiades- (Pat and The Hats)

2009 fender American standard Jbass..medium ghs bass boomers. Love the rich sound and playability of the rosewood fretboard. Saved up and payed cash, best thing I ever bought.

Lincoln Kenney- (Greenlights)

1989 Fender Strat Plus Deluxe. My dad bought it new, and I ended up playing it more than he did. Eventually he gave it to me.I like elixir nanoweb strings. I can't use thicker then .11's on the thin strings because of the weird rolling nut it has, so I use thicker strings on the fatter ones for some girth.
I've tried other guitars, but always come back to this one. I prefer the middle pickup for most rhythm tones, it has a clarity I haven't found with another guitar yet. It has the original gold lace sensor pickups, I think this was the first guitar they put them on.

Glenn W Moir- (Dopamine)

I have a few but my go to bass is a 2007 ESP 5 String LTD Neck through Body. My girlfriend (now wife) got it for my birthday in 2007. I chose the ESP because they specialize in metal guitars and basses that rumble. I didn't want the metal sound, I wanted my bass to sound as deep and low as possible, like Phil Lesh playing through the wall of sound. ESP delivers on the low end. Also cosmetically it's beautiful. I read that James Jamerson used the same flatwound strings and never changed them through out all those years of soul/funk recordings. I bought Elixir flatwound in 2007 and they still sound great.


Holly Furlone- (The Midweeklings)

This is technically not my guitar. I'd like to know more about it. I enjoy the fact that it looks like it has a moustache. Alvarez Yairi.

Pat Gochez- (Pat and The Hats)

'78 Hondo II Les Paul A Korean made, Gibson knockoff. My Dad bought it for himself in '78 and gave it a few years of use, it then took a long nap until I began playing in 1999 or 2000 or so. The guitar's original Samick pickup were replaced with Gibson and SD '57's and '59's respectively, and though I miss the disgustingly noisy and microphonic original pickups to some degree, it is a far superior sounding instrument now hahah.

Ron Noyes- (Ron Noyes Band)

My favorite guitar is my Guild D-55, the last one ever made in Westerly, Rhode Island before Fender bought them out and moved their manufacturing to California. I like Elixer strings because if I use normal ones, they are shot after one show. It has shared the stage with John Popper and it still has Robert Randolph's DNA on it. The Guild sounds like Morgan Freeman and Dolly Parton at the exact same time.

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