The Greenlights- Album Review

The Greenlights broke up. Or did they? Well if they did or did not or will or will not one thing is fact; They recorded an album at Rocking Horse Studio. They most definitely recorded an album. A member of the band definitely snuck me an advanced copy and they definitely are releasing it next month! It definitely is called “Bright Day” It also definitely defiantly defiles and defines while destructing and deconstructing rock n roll and hard n bold.

Rock, fight, love. Although at live performances you are used to the Greenlights punching your skull with a brick of cocaine and riding your legs raw with battle, it was speculative if they could do it in the studio. This album answers that question with a resounding response. What is the answer? I am not gonna tell you. Go buy it. Listen to it. Let it disembowel you or reconstruct religious idols and shires in your brain. Let it burn your ears or battle scar your knees as you grasp and hope for forgiveness from the sonic assault of thunder on your cochlea.

You can listen to our most recent podcast that features one of the tunes from the upcoming Greenlights album by clicking play below.

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