Green Bastard -Album Review

Green Bastard has their debut LP, ‘Pyre’ due out November 16 on Midnight Werewolf records on cassette and download.This band is from Dover and sent us an advanced copy to take a look at... or listen to, not look at. It might only be 3 songs but it clocks in at an hour in length.

Cyclops walls is the 2nd song on the album but I listened to it first. I like to break the rules. It has long held out notes that don’t seem to follow any melodic music reasons that you are used to. The notes change on the first beat every 4 beats, with a little variation here and there. Occasionally they also hit the note on the 3 and 4 as sort of a walk up. They also do some cool things with overlaying 6/8 over 4/4. The vocals, I cannot understand what is being said but I don’t think that is what is important. Sort of Ozzy but pushed to the back instead of front and center. The first tune, Thoros is much the same but doubled the note change speed. The vocals are also more menacing and lowly screamed. Again, long and causing a trance.

Now, here is the question. Is it bad? I would bet a lot of people will hate this music. They will see no point, much like “Metal Machine Music”. These are not pop songs, these are “art trance death metal”. If that genre sounds interesting to you, then you might love the album. If the words “Art trance death metal” makes you giggle or makes you stop reading, you will see no point in their music. I see a point.


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