Granite State Music Festival- Pay to Play

Granite State Music Festival- Pay to Play

The Granite State Music Festival is accepting band submissions for consideration via Sonicsbids. Click right here to apply: If you would like to play the festival, just make sure to send in your application via that website. You then have the opportunity to be one of the bands selected to play this fabulous festival. GSMF is truly the best local music festival around Concord. This year it takes place June 20-21, 2015. It is a great show and a good opportunity for local bands to play on a large stage.

Now, I have been yelled at before for criticizing the festival. Let’s be honest ANY sort of local music festival is better than none. I am very grateful that such a festival exists. However, I take major issue with bands having to pay to be considered. First you have to pay 100 bucks to sign up for Sonic bids. Sure, it is ONLY 100 bucks.Edit: You can submit with a free 30 day trial if you have never used sonicbids before as long as the promoter picks you before the trial ends THEN you have to pay 5 bucks to submit to the festival for consideration. I am not going to get into if subscribing to sonic bids is worth it- we will cover that in another article- I will be addressing here the fact that GSMF is forcing bands to sign up and PAY 5 BUCK to submit for consideration to play.

I understand why the festival is doing it. When you put on a festival, you get TONS of submissions from bands. Putting a small charge onto the submission ensures that you are not swamped with "crap" bands that have no business being on a stage. However, this is ‘pay to play’.

If you apply to play this festival, you are paying for the “possibility” of working. You don't have to pay to apply for a job at Best Buy or Ford Motor Company. job/resume' site) does not charge a person 5 bucks to apply for a job, it is free, the hiring company pays. You would think that a festival that started off supporting a music school would want to set a good example for children looking to go into music as a career. The first lesson they should be teaching these children is that you don't apply for a job and pay for the honor of applying.

Hopefully GSMF will reconsider its stance on collecting 5 bucks and revert back to a free submission process. If they are charging the 5 bucks to reduce the number of submissions and hopefully increase the quality of submissions, there are other methods. Require that the bands who are submitting for consideration have a CD available for sale, have x number of Facebook fans, have played 4 local shows in the past 12 months. Any other type of restriction would be preferable to asking people for 5 bucks.

We are all hoping for another year of great music at GSMF. It is always an enjoyable time- I have gone every year of the fest and have had tons of fun. We are truly lucky to have such a big festival celebrating local music in our town.

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