7 Questions with Glenn Moir of Dopamine

7 Questions with Glenn Moir of Dopamine

Glenn Moir is a guy you see all over the local music scene. He is always out and about, playing with this band or that. Most recently he has taken up playing with Dopamine. Slapping his bass for the band perfectly as he is the master of the low end. We got to sit down with him and chat about the band and some other crap. We asked him 5 questions, he answered 7. He then proceeded to buy us beer after beer. Really nice guy although I am still not sure how to pronounce his last name. At this point I really don’t care. More? Mo Yar? Moo are? Moo ear? Mow Er? Ok, maybe I do care. It keeps me up at night and when I finally drift to sleep, I wake up screaming. Enough about my troubles, here are the questions.

1. Who is your favorite local musician/band right now?

It’s probably taboo to mention your own band but I am going to go with Chris Sammon as my favorite local artist based on the style of music I enjoy the most. His ability to take a song with a hook and turn it into a jam or have a unique bridge is excellent. He’s still at his creativity peak so I look forward to what comes next. Other than him, the local band I seek out the most tends to be Boogie on Alice.

2. How did you get hooked up with playing Dopamine?

Glenn Moir:I’m a huge Sublime fan and Andy Laliotas posted on FB last year, “Go check out my brother Chris’s band this Saturday”. I took his advice and went and saw them and said to myself, “I want to be in this band”. We spoke the same language musically. I saw them a few more times and once they announced their bass player was moving out of state I hit them up. It took one try out for them to say, “yep, we speak the same language”.

3. You get to pick one album that you have to listen to constantly for the rest of your life- what cd?

Glenn Moir:Just one? Ugh. The WhiteAlbumSongRemainsTheSameDarkSideofTheMoonSublimeOneFromtheVault album.

4. best way to list, mp3, vinyl, tape, CD or 8-track?

Glenn Moir:Vinyl. I have an excellent set up at home and that’s the only style of music I purchase. The heavier 180g vinyl re-issues played through a bose system is as warm as music can feel. I convert to MP3 but it flattens the depth.

5. What question could we ask that would most likely offend you the most?

Glenn Moir:We’d like to speak with you about the lord our savior.

6. Do bass players really get all the girls?

Glenn Moir:Lemmy, Geezer Butler, Geddy Lee, Phil Lesh….very very handsome men. Come on, of course we do. Look at us.

7. When are you to old to be in a band anymore?

Glenn Moir:Are you trying to tell me something? This is what I have found out. I was in bands in college and that all came to a halt when I graduated, landed a career and had kids. Now my kids are teens with cars and jobs so that’s allowed me to free up time for music again. Just now my hair is more distinguishing. Prick.

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