Market Days Home Grown Stage 2013

Market Days Home Grown Stage 2013

Did you go to Market Days in Concord NH this past weekend? If you did we hope that you made it down to Bicentennial Square for the Homegrown Stage. We spent the weekend in the square catching tons of amazing bands. We took lots of pictures and videos… we also drank a few beers. We will be posting reviews along with those pictures and videos and.. maybe some social security numbers of the bands who participated.

The first video we will share with you is of George Laliotis, Chris Noyes and Matt Jensen. Their band name kept changing during the set and each time it was longer and longer so please forgive that I do not have their official name. Playing right before Darlingside on Saturday evening, this band with no name played a variety of songs ranging from the Allman Brothers classic “Jessica” to Michal Jackson’s “Rock With You”. Although only having a couple practices, the guys in the band were spot on and performed as a well rehearsed group that had been playing together for years. The talented Laliotis on drums laid down a perfect framework of beats that Noyes effortlessly locked into on Bass. Matt Jensen played a perfect line on top of the rhythm. It was three of Concord’s masters on stage having fun and the crowd ate it up. You can find out more on the band by going to or by searching the public arrest records.

Below is a small video taste of their set.

Local bands you should checkout-
Dusty Gray Band,Boogie On Alice, The Ghost Dinner Band
The Van Burens
, The 123's, Juliana Cable, Kitchen, The Ron Noyes Band, Diamond Joe, Lucas Gallo, Crunchy Western Boys, BRASBE, Charlie Chamberlain, Run Gazelle Run, Tyler Road, Ways To Fall, Gorilla Finger Dub Band, Yankee Cockfight

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