How to Get More Fans and Likes on Your Band's Facebook Page

How to Get More Fans and Likes on Your Band's Facebook Page

Facebook at Mozcon - AlexHaving fans like your band’s Facebook page is very important. First off, it gives you a larger audience when announcing things like shows, new songs or your favorite cookie recipe. 2nd, lots of bookers look at your friend count to determine if your band is worth booking for a show. These five tips should help increase the number of likes your band has on their Facebook page.

1- Invite your friends- Your first move should be to invite your friends to like your Facebook page. On your page, there is a link that says “build audience”. Select the “invite friends” option and go crazy. You may not want to invite all your friends but only the ones that might be interested in music. Make sure each band member is an admin of the page because only admin’s have the option to invite friends.

2- Links- Put links to your bands Facebook page on all your sites. Does your band have Youtube, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Twitter etc? Be sure to place a link to your facebook page on each site. If you don’t have accounts of these sites, get them now!

3- Mention your page at shows, Are you playing a live show? Mention that you have a facebook page and actively request that people like you. Most people have smart phones now and you can ask people add you while they sit and listen!

4- Post good content- You should be posting interesting things on your page. Don’t just post “hey, we are trying to reach 500 fans, tell your friends” this can get annoying. Very annoying. Like, when you post that, I want to punch you in the ear and take your lunch money. Post good content that might go viral. When fans ‘like’ your post or comment, their friends see the post. Their friends might then come to your page to see what all the fuss is about. One thing to keep in mind; look for engagement. What the F*&( does that mean? It means, post content that indirectly seeks action from the reader.

-Bad post- come to our show.
-Better post- Are you coming to our show?
-Best post- what song do you want to hear at our show tonight?

See how the first post seeks no involvement? The 2nd encourages responses. The 3rd has a potential to go viral.

5- Post as your band on other pages- NOOOO don’t spam, I am not saying that no no not at all. There is an option on your page to post as your band. Get like other posts, comment, and get involved. Other users will see your posts and if you are interesting enough they will come and like your page.

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