Local Music Scene Fav's- Part Three!

The local music scene is full of kind hearted people. The support each and every fan, band member, bar tender and booker give a local band really is what makes New Hampshire one of the best places to be playing in a band. We contacted a few of our musicians friends and asked the a couple questions about the local scene and why they love it!
This is part three: What is your favorite part about the local music scene!!! Go read part one and two if you have not already!

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Favorite things about the local music scene


Travis MacEachern -

Bass player and fashion consultant for Boogie On Alice

My favorite thing about the local music scene is the girls. The cute ones. I also love that on any given night I can go out and hang out with my friends and play music or watch them play music. About 90% of my friends either play instruments or are in bands themselves around the area. The abundance of music and talent in our local scene is flourishing. Everyone supports one another and have formed a strong bond amongst each other that will last a life time. Also, you can't forget about the fans. We have a very strong scene when it comes to people that are dedicated to seeing and appreciating live music. Plus we have some real awesome dancers around these parts.


Mark Trottier-

Bass player for Capt Chet, drummer for various projects(Boogie 3, Tapedeck, etc..), founder of Go Local Music

The affinity and sense of community is strong here among artists and fans. I have always been grateful and impressed by the amount of "self" that a lot of our local musicians and fans are willing to give in the name of the "scene"


Carleton Page-

Carleton Page Guitar, mandolin, Banjo teacher at Strings and Things Music. Former member of Ron Noyes Band, Lamont Smooth, GCK ,and others.

I like that most everyone knows everyone else. I am also excited that a lot of people are making a very real effort to really grow the Concord area scene. I feel that it is on the cusp of really taking off!


Michael Crane-

Capt. Chet / the cobra the crane the catfish / tunnel 12

Friends playing for friends without expectation of making a million dollars, just enriching the community



Matthew "I-Play-Adult-Soccer" Ghelli

- Guitarist for Boogie On Alice

Everyone makes an effort to get to know & support each other. It's a great feeling when you are at a show (especially your own!) and you spot other local musicians mingling. There is a certain comradery afoot, which is obvious from all the friendships among local musicians.


Andy Laliotis-

Kitchen, Lamont Smooth, and more

I love the local scene because it's friends playing for friends.


Steve McBrian-

Upright Bass in the Crunchy Western Boys:

I don't have a favorite thing about the local music scene. Ok. That’s not fair. There does seem to be starting a pretty vibrant music scene NOT on the seacoast. We are constantly trying to BE a part of the scene, but because we come from north of Concord (which doesn't seem to exist in the psyche of the rest of the state, and certainly not WMUR!) we get sort of...not ignored, but put in a separate category. We can draw more folks in southern VT these days than we can in southern NH. All the media in NH wants to talk about is the 'seacoast'. ;-)) That being said, a big, big shout out to NH Magazine and Rick Brousard who were kind enough to name us NH’s Best American Roots band this last year!! …and perhaps this year too??? (hint, hint, hint!!)
We're making headway though (and y'all have been a great help! Thanks! Yourself, go-local, NH mag, NHPR, etc.) ...I've even noticed that Kate McNally has been playing our song 'Weatherman' on the folk show on NHPR every so often (Thanks Kate!!), which is VERY nice!! But it's been hard making headway here, and it seems it's more about where we're from than what we play...I dunno...bitter? A bit, yeah. ;-)) (Don't miss our show on the SEACOAST at the press room on June 1st! LOL!!!)


Mike Eaton-

Blue Sky Recording Studio:

one big family everyone knows every local band in concord and they all come out


Jared Steer-

Bräsbe, Donkilo!, Ben Rudnick and Friends, others.

Camaraderie. Open mindedness..

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