Eric Ober- 5 Questions

Eric Ober is a man of numerous musical talents and sex appeal. He plays in about a billion local bands give or take. We wanted to know what makes him tick so we sat him down and asked him our famous 5 questions. He was a little resistant to answer, so we did have to hold him at knife point and threaten him physically. He laughed at us. He is kinda rude but he smells fantastic. If you want to catch him live, look for him in the Grebes, Pythons in The Mist, Them In The Hive and a new project with Derek Astles.

1. What band or musician had the biggest influence on you as a kid?

My mom and I used to go pretty hard on the tape 40oz. to Freedom. But, I would have to say Josh Braz was my biggest influence as I got to be older. Dude taught me everything I know.

2. Who in the band is the best at giving fist bumps?

Fist bump award definitely goes to Kyle Adams in The Grebes. Homeboy is a black belt???

3. Favorite local band?

Out of Concord... David Shores Trunk O Funk (o hunks). Non C-Towners =Everything & Everyone, Kate West, anything Scrimmy is involved in. Pat & The Hats kill it. Modern Fools. Shit, I guess a ton of bands are pretty mint right now.

4. Has anyone told you that your last name sounds like what someone yells when they jump in cold water?

Yes, Meghan Noyes has been telling me that since the late 90s.

5. What is your favorite instrument to play?

Guitar I guess. My attention span is shit so that answer changes a lot. If I buy something new, that's my favorite thing to play

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