Why the Ripping E Brakes Rock

Why the Ripping E Brakes Rock

Some of you might be wondering who The Ripping E Brakes are exactly. Some of you might know who they are. Some of you might be able to eat just one Lays potato chip. Some of you might love Derek Astels. Some of you might not know Derek Astels. Some of you might know Derek Astels, talk to him for a bit and totally not recognize who he is and then feel stupid the next day when you realize you do know him but you acted like you had no clue who he was because he had a hat on and you had a few beers past two. The most important thing you know though is that The Ripping E Brakes are the ultimate local band.

Let me tell you a story ‘bout a man named Derek. Derek is the umm the dude.. or umm.. the cheese.. or really I don’t know what he is, But anyways.. he is a great guy and he is in The Ripping E Brakes. He was out at the Go Local Camp n Jam site last night in Davisville helping set up staging, scaffolding, tents, fences, and the like in the POURING RAIN and HEAT. What does this mean? Who cares? What does this have to do with music? Well, this means Derek is a great guy. He cares about the local music community. He took time out of his busy schedule to help Go Local Music prepare for the multitudes of people that are coming out to Camp N Jam this weekend. Derek also hosts a local music pod cast. He is the picture and example of what every local artist should strive to be. All local musicians should be someone who has their own interests but also helps others in the community reach their musical goals.

What did Derek get out of helping set up for this weekend? What did the group of people also there with Derek get? He gets nothing according to some. He gets a lot according to others. Derek gets this….He gets to rock the Camp N Jam stage with his band the Ripping E Brakes on Saturday at 4:30 PM in front a huge crowd that is there for music. Rock is his reward. A vibrant local music scene where each band and person wants to help, that is his payment, that is his prize. Derek and the others there yesterday, in the pouring rain, the heat, and moving heavy ass stuff… their reward is our vibrant music community. This is a community that cares about the other individual, not just about your own personal gain. Yeah, we are Woodstock man.. We are lovers of music.. We are lovers of the art… We are the Concord music scene. We help you out. Derek knows this. You should too. Get involved. Join the community, there is always room for more.

So yeah, I didn’t tell you anything about the ripping E Brakes. So click below and listen for yourself. Also, go up to Derek after his set this Saturday, thank him, give him a hug, and slap his butt. It is it people like Derek that are making this music scene blossom.

Check out the Ripping E Brakes- http://www.folknrolln.com/
MP3 streaming below

More on Camp N Jam: http://yourband.info/index.php?q=Camp-n-jam-v-survival-Kit

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