Dusty Gray Live at True Brew

Dusty Gray Live at True Brew

Last night True Brew in Concord was packed. You were shoved shoulder to shoulder and you couldn’t move around without bumping people. Why was it so packed? I like to think it was because people found out that I was going to be in the crowd; but I doubt it. I am pretty sure the people were there to see the Dusty Gray Band.

The band is spectacular. They also bring up a bunch of extremely talented guests to join them on stage; Tristan Omand, Rachel Vogelzang, Patrik Gochez, Matt Poirier, George Laliotis and Michelle Tilton!! Sara Grady joined the band on stage for 'Wagon Wheel' and killed it! Everyone agrees that this is one of the best shows they have seen in concord in a long time. Except for one guy- he tells me that he hates this crap. I am not sure what his issue is, but he was really drunk, smelled, was kinda drooling on himself and kept on calling me bud. To be clear, I was not his bud. SO, if you are the kind of person who drools and eats poop… I bet you would have hated last night’s show. You would have loved the show if you are a person of good taste and sophistication- Please pass the Dusty ‘Gray Poupon’.

What do you think of Dusty Gray or any of the artists that performed last night? Comment below!

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